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Planning QuestionHow should Reebok plan and manage inventory to manage costs while providing the flexibility required to meet demand for NFL Replica jerseys. Annual Sales CycleRetailers get discount to place pre-season orders for delivery in May Limited ordering by retailers to re-balance stocks; some short LT orders to respond to player movements Retailers order to position stock in their DCs and stores in anticipation of season, and expect 3 4 week delivery LTRetailers order to replenish stocks, chase the demand, and expect 1 2 week LT for Hot Market items. Planning framework:Given forecasts and advanced orders for team and playersDecide inventory targets for dressed and blank jerseys for seasonPlace orders guided by these targetsRevise forecasts say each month based on current information; update targets accordinglyHow should we set inventory targets. And blank jerseys for team. Outline of Case DiscussionDiscuss business context, nature of demand, the sales cycle, key success factors, failure modesDiscuss supply chain, planning cycle, planning challengesFrame as single-season planning problem; relate to newsvendor modelDevelop approach and key insights with NE Patriots exampleWrap up and summary of learning.
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Read more and download. Audi A4 is launched in 4 generations up till now. First generation is known as B5 series whereas second generation is called B6 series. For users of A udi A4 B6 Typ 8E8H; - , it is good to know that company approved service manual is available for expensive vehicle in market.
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What are the Common Order of Math Operations. Operations consist of things like add, subtract, divide multiply, or even powered numbers however if you are given all of these within a single expression. Which one will you solve first. A standard method for remembering the order of operations is learning the abbreviation PEMDAS, which perfectly defines the order of operations.