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Confined spaces

Date: November 13, Series: Occupational Safety and Health. Originating Office: Division of Safety and Health. PDF Version. This chapter describes the U. Fish and Wildlife Service Service requirements and responsibilities for protecting you from the following when you enter confined spaces while doing your job tasks:. Exposure to hazardous atmospheres,.

Learn about the hazards of working in confined spaces. Find out about the requirements of the confined space entry permit and the roles of the employer. The confined space entry permit provides a formal check to ensure that all the elements of a safe system of work are in place before persons can enter and work in confined spaces. Send us feedback if you receive any suspicious or inappropriate emails asking for your personal information. The email may not have been sent by wshc.

Confined space work is covered by an Australian standard: AS Confined spaces. This quick guide will give you a brief overview of the requirements and procedures in the standard. Anyone who carries out confined space work needs to be familiar with the standard, and should have specialist training as well. Year after year, people die when entering confined spaces to carry out work. In some cases, multiple fatalities occur when would-be rescuers enter the space and become victims themselves. It is not a substitute for the standard itself. Examples include: storage tanks, tank cars, process vessels, boilers, silos, pits, pipes, sewers, shafts, ducts and shipboard spaces.

Confined Space Emergency Response: Assessing Employer and Fire Department Practices

Work in confined spaces can be dangerous. You need to be aware of the risks and know how to prevent them. You will also find information about precautions you can take and your legal duties. Where possible, avoid entry to confined spaces. If entry to a confined space is unavoidable then you must follow a safe system of work. Have emergency procedures in place before work starts.

Planning entry and working safely in a confined space

Order your copy here. A confined space is an enclosed area where the risk of death through exposure to hazardous substances or dangerous situations is excessively high. A number of people are killed or seriously injured in the UK each year in confined spaces.

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NOTE: For a listing of confined and hazardous spaces, please refer to the inventories listed below. These inventories contains information on any special hazards of each confined space and list precautions necessary to enter these areas.

Confined Spaces

A confined space is any space that is large enough for an employee to enter, has a restricted means of entry or exit and is not designed for continuous employee occupancy. All of these criteria must be met for a space to be classified as confined space or permit-required confined space. Examples of confined spaces include tanks, pits, certain tunnels, utility vaults and boilers.

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S05 - Confined Spaces

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