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Brønsted-Lowry acid base theory

Acid—base reactions are essential in both biochemistry and industrial chemistry. Moreover, many of the substances we encounter in our homes, the supermarket, and the pharmacy are acids or bases. For example, aspirin is an acid acetylsalicylic acid , and antacids are bases. In fact, every amateur chef who has prepared mayonnaise or squeezed a wedge of lemon to marinate a piece of fish has carried out an acid—base reaction. In fact, this is only one possible set of definitions. Although the general properties of acids and bases have been known for more than a thousand years, the definitions of acid and base have changed dramatically as scientists have learned more about them. In ancient times, an acid was any substance that had a sour taste e.

Brønsted-Lowry acid base theory

Basically, acid-base reactions are chemical reactions with transfer of hydrogen cations protons. However, there are several concepts according to which acid-base reactions are defined differently. The terms pH value , acid-base titration , chemical equilibrium , stoichiometry and others are closely related to the topic. The following list shows available online information on the individual acid-base reactions, models and concepts. Acids and Bases An introduction.

and bases. Hence a proton transfer equilibrium is rapidly established in solution. • The equilibrium reaction is described in terms of conjugate acid/base.

Acid–Base Reactions

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Acids have long been recognized as a distinctive class of compounds whose aqueous solutions exhibit the following properties:. Acidic solutions have a pH less than 7, with lower pH values corresponding to increasing acidity. Common examples of acids include acetic acid in vinegar , sulfuric acid used in car batteries , and tartaric acid used in baking. The strength of an acid refers to how readily an acid will lose or donate a proton, oftentimes in solution. A stronger acid more readily ionizes, or dissociates, in a solution than a weaker acid.

Acid—base concepts provide one of the most important and enduring foundations for correlating chemical reactivity. A general theory of acid—base reactivity has yet to be developed but, in fact, there may be little need in view of the utility of the various concepts that provide a framework for understanding and, in many cases, quantitatively accounting for or predicting chemical reactivity.

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4.3: Acid-Base Reactions

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