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I'm not sure if my problem is with the scanner drivers, Windows Vista or a setting I'm missing on Acrobat. I just upgraded to Acrobat X hoping to solve this issue with no luck thus far. The problem: When I scan documents from my scanner in the feed tray, it automatically scans the page again as it would for a double sided scan, even when it's a single sided original.

Easily scan with your chosen settings, or set up multiple profiles for different devices and configurations.

ExactScan Online Help - the Missing Manual

My main purpose for using the software and the scanner is to archive existing documents, and many of those documents are two sided. I do not want to use the duplex function on the scanner, as it jams if the paper is not perfect. Until recently, I was using acrobat 5, and had no problem doing two sided scanning without the duplex. I selected two sided documents, selected automatic rather than duplex, scanned side one, and then was prompted to turn over the document. No problem. Does anyone know how to do two sided scanning without using the duplex function when one has Acrobat 9 combined with an HP ? These forums are now Read Only.

NAPS2 (Not Another PDF Scanner 2)

Scan at the th of a document with a front-back and then save them as multiple PDF individual files! So the time-saving potential is great. Simply scan on our duplex scanner and then save as a single page double-sided. Please use You download it, but you don't have to install or uninstall it. Instead, start the program with a double-click with the left mouse button and you can start scanning right away by going to the dialog box on Select source, clicking on your scanner in the list displayed, going to Scan and selecting the desired document or image. Then save the scanned image as a single or multi-page PDF file.

First, thank you so much for this program. It's exactly what is needed as an alternative to the fairly useless Windows Fax and Scan and the ultrabloated and barely functional vendor sofware that comes with the scanner. I can't figure out a simple way to do two sided though. If I select "duplex" in the profile setup, I get an error - presumably because the scanner does not support this. It supports automatic duplex printing, but that is a separate document feeder from the scanner. So, I was hoping to simply put the stack of documents in the feeder, scan one side, flip them over and scan the other, and then sort them into the correct order on the thumbnail page. However, unless I'm missing something, there is no way to do this other than, for example in a 50 page two sided document, moving the 51st thumbnail "page 2" over to between the 1st and 2nd thumbnails "pages 1 and 3".

Using Custom Scan as well as Preset Scan result in only Front Side being scanned

ExactScan's main user-interface are the scan settings in the New Scan Preference window. On the left side of the Preferences you find a profile table which allows you to store multiple scan settings for different workflows or document types. The right side of the window contains all the available scan settings which are saved for each profile. The Preview button shows a Preview window - if free screen space allows usually on the right side of the Preferences. ExactScan visualizes most color settings in the Preview window live in real time.

Today I decided that, in order to get out of the office before night, I just had to bring home some work. Among the various things I needed to do was a huge amount of paper documents I wanted to get rid of for good. Not only it still exists — and in great shape too — but it also flawlessly solved my problem in a matter of seconds! This means that you can do the following:. November 2, November 2,

This feature may not be available in some countries. Assigning document security settings: You can assign password settings to the PDF file.

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Scan both sides of a front-back document into a single PDF with PDFsam

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