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We all deal with generational curses. Do you see same patterns in you that you see in your mom or dad or brothers or sisters?

A Manual for Children's Deliverance

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Emotional problems, an unnatural number of physical ailments and accidents, an incomprehensible number of ER visits, and depression, anger, and despair were just the most obvious manifestations. We sought advice on the internet, and from our local Pentecostal church. I learned that I can at times discern spirits, a gift that I have no logical explanation for. We could cast the demons out, but they kept coming back, stronger than ever. The book gives a scriptural basis that, in my opinion, is heavily prooftexted. I am not comfortable with the underlying theology.

A Manual for Children's Deliverance reveals deliverance truths, in simple terms, for setting children free from fears, torments, and destructive behavior. Learn how to help your child. Deliverance methods and helpful examples are given, as well as a listing of demons common to the child's world. The Hammond's book for parents to aid in praying for their children and for seeing them set free. Learn the basics of how to effectively minister deliverance for children. The topics presented include Jesus' ministry to children, When the womb is unsafe, Methods of deliverance for children, A child's imagination, and more.

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This companion book to Pigs in the Parlor is designed for both individual and group study. Are you in search of deliverance for yourself or for someone you love? This companion book to Pigs in the Parlor has been designed as a tool to enable you to diagnose and effectively deal with your deliverance needs. Are you interested in studying the scriptural basis for the deliverance ministry? This guide has been designed as a Biblical resource, detailing the extensive coverage of this ministry in the Old and New Testaments. Are you feeling led to become involved in a deliverance ministry of your own, to help set captives free? This guide has an entire section on the methods and techniques, the pro's and con's of how to effectively minister deliverance.

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The term "deliverance" as used here encompasses both the process and the result of one's liberation from demonic bondage. Deliverance is achieved by driving out evil spirits, using the authority of the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "In my name they [believers in Him] will drive out demons" Mark Since some who read this article may not be familiar with the scriptural grounds for deliverance, we wish to acquaint them with the basic tenets of deliverance.

New Release! Frank Hammond teaches on engaging the enemy when he places obstacles in our lives, to see breakthroughs happen around us, through the principle of "spoiling the enemy's house. They are mighty.

Families today are hurting and broken as never before. Many are frustrated by the cycle of strife and discord between husbands and wives, and between parents and children. In Kingdom Living for the Family , Frank and Ida Mae Hammond reveal God's strong desire to heal and deliver the family, and they present a realistic plan to bring its members into a place of security within God's will. God has a specific plan for your family, one that includes the peace, joy and righteousness of the Kingdom of God. However, too many families have settled for much less than what God has provided.

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It is also a great source for those already actively engaged in the ministry of deliverance. This book became a manual for deliverance from demonic spirits. What is something you love about Kalamazoo? This book was written as a counter to unscriptural practices in this important ministry, some from the occult, and others from the flesh. Read as many books as you like Personal use and Join Over Seventy specific sins that bring about curses are enumerated in God's Word.

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Frank Hammond

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