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Open Access Management and Economics. This research is a quantitative research using primary data obtained from the questionnaire and measured by using Likert scale. The method of selecting the sample of this study using purposive sampling.

Financial and Non-financial Motivators

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Every management tries to place certain motivational techniques which can be employed for improving performance of its employees. The techniques may not be similarly useful in all types of concerns. Some techniques may be suitably employed in one concern, others may be useful in another concern and so on. Motivational techniques may be classified into two categories i. Financial motivators may be in the form of more wages and salaries, bonuses, profit-sharing, leave with pay medical reimbursements, company paid insurance of any of the other things that may be given to employees for performance. The economists and most managers consider money and financial incentives as important motivators. Behavioural scientists, on the other hand, tend to place them low.

Financial and Non-Financial Motivators at Work

Non-financial methods of motivation include job rotation, job enrichment and autonomy. Job rotation involves an employee having a large amount of variety in their day-to-day role. It can motivate employees by avoiding them becoming bored with their job. There are two types of job rotation. In the first type of job rotation, the employee has a number of different job roles in the business.

In life, our families, friends, and passions are just some of the factors that motivate us. In the workplace, employers leverage both financial and non-financial motivators to bring out our best. But motivation is highly personal and differs for each employee. Employee motivation in the workplace are the ways in which you motivate and energize your people to produce their best work. Typical methods for employee motivation can be financial or non-financial in nature. Financial motivations are most common in the workplace and involve monetary rewards. These are your carrots and sticks or extrinsic motivations that serve to incentivize and reward employees for particular achievement actions.

Businesses can use a range of methods to motivate their employees. Financial motivation involves motivating employees with money and things associated with money. The main methods of financial motivation used in business are remuneration, bonuses, commission, promotion and fringe benefits. Remuneration is the money employees are paid in return for working in a business. Different roles in a business are rewarded with different levels of remuneration.

Key words: Employee Motivation Financial Non Financial Rewards. INTRODUCTION rewards are also called extrinsic rewards and non financial motivating.

Impact of financial and non financial motivation on employees’ performance

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Every employee certainly appreciates more money, but money does not buy happiness, nor does it buy engagement and loyalty. Non-financial incentives inspire and engage employees in ways that money is incapable of doing. Typically, they cost the company little or no money, yet carry significant weight. Incentives of this nature are particularly effective for workers who are comfortable with their salaries or have been in the position for a long time.

Non-financial rewards can have an even more substantial impact on employee satisfaction and motivation than traditional financial rewards. Career website Management Study Guide states that non-financial rewards help boost workers' self-confidence, help them find self-actualization and make them feel more secure in their jobs. Even well-compensated employees may leave a company if dissatisfied with these aspects. Companies with excellent non-financial incentive plans can attract, motivate and retain talented people. In the past, many companies relied on money almost exclusively to motivate their workforce, but employees often rate other aspects, such as recognition and flexibility as more important.

Items in DSpace are protected by copyright, with all rights reserved, unless otherwise indicated. Show full item record. The aim of this study was to examine the effect of financial and non-financial rewards with respect to overall levels of employee motivation in Dashen Bank. This research is descriptive in nature. Qualitative as well as quantitative research design have been adopted in this paper to achieve the objectives of this study. Financial and non-financial rewards taken as independent variables and motivation as dependent variable for this study. Structured questionnaire was used to gauge the responses on a five level scale.

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This research is mainly concerned with analysis of financial and non financial motivation on Employees' Performance. The researcher regarded financial.

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