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Past simple / Present perfect (simple / continuous)

The present perfect continuous can be used to talk about situations that have just stopped and have present results. English grammar practice exercise, upper-intermediate level. Grammar videos: Present perfect: simple and continuous — exercises 1. John finished his business degree. This exercise focuses on the difference between the present perfect simple and present perfect continuous.. Read the explanation to learn more. The Present perfect is used to talk about.

Past Perfect Continuous or Past Simple Exercise 1

Let me introduce some common structures sentence forms that are used with the past perfect. Either could be used here. Twins, especially identical. Past Perfect Tense is also known as pluperfect tense. Search this site: search engine by freefind: Learn English Today. October 9, We use the perfect continuous when the focus is on the continuity rather than the completion.

Rich and poor

Many thanks for all The simple past is used for completed actions or events. Need more practice? Example: They had ordered for fresh, cheezy pizzas, even before the others finished their shopping. Past simple Past continuous Present perfect Past perfect 1. Review the past simple here.

Past Perfect , Past Perfect Continuous Views: 64, Level: Pre-Intermediate , Intermediate 5 out of 5 , rated by 22 teachers Correct the mistake -s and upload the corrected file back to us! Once we've received your revision, we'll review it and publish here, replacing the original worksheet. This is a worksheet for teaching the differences between the past perfect and past perfect continuous at pre-intermediate level. There are 3 different activities in which students are asked to choose the most suitable verb tense, put the verbs into the past perfect simple or continuous and complete a dialogue. The answer key is included.

Skip to main content. Do you know the difference between We've painted the room and We've been painting the room? We've painted the bathroom. She's been training for a half-marathon. I've had three coffees already today!

When should I use the Past Perfect Continuous?

Put each verb in brackets into the past perfect simple or the past perfect continuous.

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