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I hope you enjoy reading this blog post. If you want my team to just do your marketing for you, click here. For the last couple of years, I have been running marketing automation campaigns for large corporations and multinational brands that want to take their marketing strategy to the next level.

Automating Potential Leads

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools you can use today to achieve your online goals. What do you need to make email marketing work? You need to have a big list of subscribers, not just any subscribers but people that are or might be interested in your products or services. There are a number of ways to do this and utilizing the 1.

Of course, blogging alone will not make people subscribe to your list, you need to give them incentives like a free eBook , test different positions for your sign-up box and message before they will be willing to share their email address with you.

The problem is that in order to get a decent number of email subscribers per day from blogging, you need a lot of website traffic. Without targeted traffic, any efforts you put into optimizing your email subscription process will not be fully utilized until you grow your traffic.

Content Upgrades: This is related to giving users some sort of incentives to sign up to your list. Think of it this way, why would someone give you their email address if there is no benefit for them? With content upgrades people can give you their email in return of more content or to get your content in different forms i.

AdWords: Last but not least, you can use Adwords to target people on Google searching for keywords related to your business and have them land or an optimized landing page designed for capturing email signups. There are 2 ways to use Facebook Ads to grow your email list fast. The idea with the first method is that you create campaigns targeting the audience that is more likely to be interested in signing up for your newsletter or email list.

People see your ad on Facebook and when they click to visit your website, they land on a page that is optimized for collecting email subscribers.

While this is a good way to get new subscribers, the problem is that it involves a lot of steps and the actual conversion happens outside of Facebook. This means that you are losing a number of potential email subscribers who are not comfortable leaving Facebook. Facebook lead ads is a special type of campaign that allows you to show your ads to a targeted Facebook audience alongside with a lead form that users can fill in without leaving Facebook.

You can then use some automation tools as we will see below to pass the information to your email marketing software and automatically add these people to your email list. The only disadvantage is that currently lead ads are only available on mobile not desktop and only on Facebook not Instagram.

The process is similar to setting up a normal Facebook campaign. The only difference is that besides the Ads, you will also have to setup your lead form and integrate Facebook with your email marketing software. Audience: Targeting people in the United States that have an interest in the following topics. Placements: Set to Automatic. Facebook will show the ads in the places they perform best. So far we have defined who will see our ad, where the ads will appear and how much to spend promoting our lead campaign.

The Ad Creative can be either a single image, carousel, single video or slideshow. You have the same ad formats as with other types of Facebook campaigns. A last setting before creating the lead form on Facebook is to define how you want to track conversions.

Facebook has a nice step-by-step wizard that guides you through the process. This is the place to describe your offer and explain to users why they should sign up for your email list.

If your goal is to increase your email subscribers, then you should leave this process as simple as possible and the name and email combination is what you need. Once you click next, the final step is to add a URL so that people can visit your website after completing the form.

So far we created the FB campaign, ads and lead form in Facebook. The next step to complete the process is to integrate Facebook with your email marketing software so that anyone that fills out the lead form will be automatically registered to your email list.

The steps below are specific for MailChimp but the process and concepts are the same for all email marketing or CRM programs. To achieve the integration of Facebook with an external system you need to use a third party service. There are many options available , in this example I am using Zapier.

Basically you will be asked to connect Zapier to Facebook, choose your Facebook page and Lead Form and then to connect to MailChimp and choose the list to add the new leads.

Once you activate this Zap, any users that fill in the Lead Form from Facebook will be automatically added to your mailchimp list. Although you have to pay Facebook to get people to fill in your lead form, Facebook lead ads can help you add targeted people to your email list fast.

The cost is less compared to AdWords I have tried both Facebook Lead Ads and AdWords for customers in different niches and their setup is management is not difficult. The best way to find out is to run a pilot campaign on Facebook and find out the average cost per lead and then the average cost of conversion for your mailing list.

If the numbers add up then you can spend more money on Lead Ads, as long as they remain profitable. Alex Chris - Digital Marketing Consultant and author. Connect with him on Twitter. Thanks for posting! I have a question for you. It has long been my assumption that the delivery of an organic post will depend on the engagement of the previous post.

Do you think this also applies to ads? Thus, will an ad with a low Relevance Score impact the Relevance Score of the next ad start is a bit lower? Your email address will not be published. Digital Marketing. I hate spam as much as you do! Comments Wow! Awesome guide and good tips to increase our conversion. Thanks mate! Wondering your data suggests this is true?

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How to connect Facebook Lead Ads to Mailchimp without using Zapier

This post contains affiliate links. Read my full disclosure. Click here for my comparison of MailChimp vs. An Automation sends an email based on a trigger—i. Using an Automation, you can create a completely custom email that is sent immediately upon subscription.

Lead magnets, also commonly called opt-ins, freebies, or swipe files, are valuable free pieces of content that you give to people in exchange for an email address. Gone are the days where people will sign up for your newsletter without getting some kind of value in return. Yes, your newsletter is probably full of valuable content — but what sounds more enticing — getting something valuable that you want right NOW, or waiting to get something that may or may not be valuable to you in the future? From there, you can nurture those leads, form relationships with them, and eventually hopefully turn them into loyal customers. Just make sure your lead magnet is something your audience will find valuable — and include a call to action at the end with the ways the reader can get in touch with you. Use a program like Canva or Adobe Illustrator to make it eye-catching and aligned with your brand identity. While landing pages are great, nothing replaces a well-designed, clear website to tell your audience what you do and why you do it.

How to Give a Free Download to Your MailChimp Email Subscribers

Lead ads allow you to find people who may be interested in your products or services and collect information from them. Using an Instant Form , you can collect contact information such as name, email address, phone number and more. These forms also let you include custom questions to help you understand your potential customers and reach your business goals.

Facebook Lead Generation capability is a big part of why so many businesses rely on the social platform for their advertising. You might choose the wrong campaign objective, placement, budget, or you might even fall victim to more subtle mistakes that result in poor ad performance and wasted money. Not addressing them will consistently hurt your entire ad campaign. Discover the most common mistakes marketers make and how to fix them so that your Facebook lead generation ads get the results you expect! Since the people clicking on your ads are the ones most interested in your product, ask them a few questions when they click on your ads.

Email marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tools you can use today to achieve your online goals. What do you need to make email marketing work? You need to have a big list of subscribers, not just any subscribers but people that are or might be interested in your products or services. There are a number of ways to do this and utilizing the 1. Of course, blogging alone will not make people subscribe to your list, you need to give them incentives like a free eBook , test different positions for your sign-up box and message before they will be willing to share their email address with you.

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Send a File to New Subscribers

Mailchimp offers two ways to provide a file to your contacts when they subscribe to your email campaigns. Since we don't allow attachments, we give you the option to upload your report, MP3, video, or other file type directly to our servers. We host the files for you, so you can link to the files for download in your campaign. After someone opts in to receive your email campaigns, you can send them a final welcome email to confirm their subscription and share an exclusive offer or file. To test the file you added to the final welcome email, you'll have to go through the signup process. A welcome message automation is a great way to greet new subscribers and help them get to know you.

Zapier's Facebook Lead Ads can help you attract new subscribers by making it easy for Facebook users to sign up for your email marketing campaigns. When someone clicks on your Lead Ad, their contact information from Facebook is automatically added to the Lead Ad form. Users can edit or add additional contact details.

Facebook Lead Ads are an effective type of advertising on Facebook that lets you collect the contact details of people who show an interest in your organisation. You can gather contact details, such as email address, first name and last name, when the user fills out a short form directly on Facebook itself. Plus, Facebook will pre-fill the forms with contact details it has about the user, which typically includes their name, email address and mobile number, making it even easier for someone to send you their details. By reducing the steps needed to fill out the form and keeping the user on Facebook, conversion rates tend to be higher than if you were sending those people to your website to register their interest. You can search for additional integration from your Facebook page by following the steps below:. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

Learn how to set up Facebook Lead Ads, connect your Mailchimp audience, and more. it easy for Facebook users to sign up for your email marketing campaigns. Previously collected leads can't be passed over to Zapier or Mailchimp.

New leads for your agency or freelance business are great, but they can eat up a lot of time. They send you a vague and longwinded explanation of what they think they need. You email them back, asking for clarification on at least 5 of the points they made, asking them to fill in a project planner that you attach as a Word document.

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How to Easily Deliver Lead Magnets with Mailchimp

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