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Risk is one of the fundamental elements that influences economic behavior of people and businesses and has been studied in different areas such as accounting, finance, economics, safety, and health. Since researchers have approached risk from different dimensions, several definitions of risk are used in literature.

Risk appetite is widely accepted as a guiding metaphor for strategic risk management, yet metaphors for complex practice are hard to critique. This paper aims to apply an analytical framework comprising three categories of flaw — futility, perversity and jeopardy — to critically explore the risk appetite metaphor. Taking stock of management literature emphasising the need for metaphor to give ideation to complex management challenges and activities and recognising the need for high-level metaphor within strategic risk management in particular, the authors propose a means to scrutinise the risk appetite metaphor and thereby illustrate its use for further management metaphors.

Sound Practice Guidance

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Like this document? Why not share! Embed Size px. Start on. Show related SlideShares at end. WordPress Shortcode. Full Name Comment goes here. Are you sure you want to Yes No. No Downloads. Views Total views. Actions Shares. No notes for slide. Irm Risk Appetite 1. ForewordRisk appetite today is a core By providing practical advice on While the Financial Reporting Councilconsideration in any enterprise how to approach the development has kick-started the debate on riskrisk management approach.

As an integrated global risk will be helping boards and seniorimposed by corporate governance consulting business, I can testify to the management teams both to managestandards, organisations in all sectors fact that our clients are debating risk their organisations better and toare increasingly being asked by key appetite. That is why we are pleased discharge their corporate governancestakeholders, including investors, to support the work of the Institute responsibilities more effectively.

We look forward totake risk in order to meet their strategic large number of professional bodies are actively engaging with IRM and othersobjectives. The Chartered Institute of Internal All successful organisations need to This document is an importantAuditors welcomes this contribution be clear about their willingness to contribution to a key area of boardfrom the Institute of Risk Management accept risk in pursuit of their goals.

ICSA is pleased totypes the organisation wishes to take all levels of the organisation and the support the work started here by IRM,and accept sounds easy. In practice, it is extent to which they must deal with and looks forward to a well-informeddifficult and needs ongoing effort both the associated risks.

But defining and debate and some useful conclusions. CIMA therefore Director of Policyfrom all levels of management in warmly welcomes this new guidance Institute of Chartered Secretaries andcommunicating how much risk they from the Institute of Risk Management Administrators ICSA wish to take and in monitoring as a sound foundation for developinghow much they are actually taking. Anything that stimulates debate on the Gillian Leespractical challenges of risk management Head of Corporate Governanceis to be welcomed.

Chartered Institute ofJackie Cain Management Accountants CIMA Policy DirectorChartered Institute of Internal AuditorsThis paper will be helpful to senior CIPFA is pleased to endorse this work This paper sends out a clear statementmanagers in public service organisations by IRM on risk appetite and tolerance that the principle of risk appetitewho are trying to understand risk which provides welcome leadership emanating from the board is theappetite in the context of their own on a challenging subject for both the only effective way to initiate anstrategic and operational decision public and private sectors.

We look ERM implementation. Our own experience withrisk appetite and risk tolerance, as clients confirms that this approach is Diana Melvillepart of the key function of identifying, not only critical, but that the whole Governance Adviseranalysing, evaluating and responding to process must be undertaken with Chartered Institute of Public Financerisk.

IntroductionThis guidance paper has been prepared The full version of this document is Members of theunder the overall direction of a available for free download from theworking group of the Institute of Risk website of the IRM and from partner Working GroupManagement.

The group has held a series organisations. Printed versions of the Richard Anderson, deputyof meetings supplemented by much executive summary are also available. We have had Risk Consulting the first instance to provide guidance tohealthy discussions, and given the nature directors, risk professionals and others Bill Aujla, CRO at Etisalatof the topic, there have been areas tasked with advising boards on compliancethat have proved contentious.

While some management at Birmingham Citytopic that is relevant to many people in specifics might differ, the underlying Universitymany organisations of different types principles hold true for all sectors and allin all sectors and that there is sufficient geographical locations. John Summers, chief advisor — riskconsensus on issues and approaches at Rio Tinto We have found that the approachemerging to be able to publish this contained in here has far reaching Carolyn Williams, head of thoughtguidance.

We know that future editions resonance with anyone who is interested leadership at IRMof this guidance may well be subject to in the subject of risk appetite andmajor revisions. That will be a sign of tolerance. This is not a subject with angood and healthy progress. The have said that it wished to court andpaper consists of an executive summary, in some instances succumb to oblivionwhich is designed to provide an overview in the form of the financial crisis.

Weon the subject for general use, particularly are now poised to move beyond thatby board members, and a more detailed thinking. Whether it is a matter ofdocument which is primarily designed setting, monitoring or overseeing riskto assist those whose task it is to advise appetite, this is a subject that has provedboards on these matters.

For example, some see it as a series of limits, some see it as empowerment, some see it as something that has to be expressed in terms of net risk and others gross.

For this reason the subject deserves serious attention. One of the purposes of this document is to begin to provide a common vocabulary for people who wish to discuss this subject both within their organisations, and also in comparing organisations.

In fact, while this organisations are run. We fully expect versions of the thinking to Carolynguidance was originally written with the that the initial scepticism about risk Williams, head of thought leadership atUK Corporate Governance Code in mind, appetite will be gradually replaced as IRM, and of course, all of those people,comments and revisions arising from boards and executive directors gain clients, fellow risk professionals, internalthe consultation process mean that it is greater insight into its usefulness.

We auditors, and many, many others, whoapplicable to all sectors in all geographies. I am,readers in this regard. A theoretical underpinning to the small is what managing an organisation Richard Anderson subject of risk appetite; but is about. The approach of the new UK2. More importantly, to provide some Corporate Governance Code represents Deputy Chairman guidance for those who need to deal an opportunity to place risk management, The Institute of Risk Management with the subject, either for their and in particular risk appetite, right at September corporate governance statements, or, the centre of the debate on effective alternatively, simply because they think corporate governance and the role of the the discussion would inform the way board in running organisations.

We would like to know whether or notThis guidance is not definitive: we do not the approach in this paper has beenthink that we have written the last word helpful to you as you work through theon the subject.

Thinking on the subject ramifications of risk appetite and riskof risk appetite and risk tolerance will tolerance in your own organisation. At IRM we are passionate aboutbeginning to take root. Richard is alsoeducation Institute. A Chartered Accountant, andpractising risk professionals. We provide qualifications, formerly a partner at a big-4 practice, Richard hasshort courses and events at a range of levels also run his own GRC practice for seven of the lastfrom introductory to board level and support risk ten years.

Richard has been professionally involvedprofessionals by providing the skills and tools needed with risk management since the mid-nineties and hasto deal with the demands of a constantly changing, broad industry sector experience. He wrote a reportsophisticated and challenging business environment. He isstudents in over 90 countries, drawn from a variety of a regular speaker at conferences and contributes torisk-related disciplines and a wide range of industries many journals on risk management and governancein the private, third and public sectors.

The same is true1. Risk appetite can be complex. Excessive risk management maturity. Risk simplicity, while superficially attractive, management remains an emerging for all organisations: no leads to dangerous waters: far better discipline and some organisations, organisation, whether in the to acknowledge the complexity and irrespective of size or complexity, do private, public or third sector deal with it, rather than ignoring it. This is in can achieve its objectives2. Risk appetite needs to be measurable.

The Otherwise there is a risk that any statements become empty and culture , partly due to their systems only question is how much vacuous. We are not promoting any and processes, and partly due to the risk do they need to take? However, And yet taking risks without but fundamentally it is important until an organisation has a clear view of both its risk capacity and its risk consciously managing those that directors should understand how their performance drivers are management maturity it cannot be risks can lead to the downfall impacted by risk.

Shareholder value clear as to what approach would work of organisations. This is the may be an appropriate starting or how it should be implemented. In other words, UK Corporate Governance others. We also anticipate more use while the UK Corporate Governance Code issued by the Financial of key risk indicators and key control Code envisages a strategic view of Reporting Council in Relevant and accurate the organisation for it to make any data is vital for this process and we practical sense.

Risk appetite must be integrated with is the same level of data governance the control culture of the organisation. Risk appetite is not a single, fixed risk and the propensity to exercise concept. There will be a range of control.

The framework promotes appetites for different risks which need the idea that the strategic level is to align and these appetites may well proportionately more about risk taking vary over time: the temporal aspect of than exercising control, while at the risk appetite is a key attribute to this operational level the proportions whole development.

Clearly the4. Risk and control The innovation is in looking at the interaction of risk and control as implementation of strategy. In the detailed paper we have included aWe think that this dual focus on taking part of determining risk appetite. Above all, we areunderstanding of risk appetite and level than at an operational level, very much focused on the need torisk tolerance. The innovation is not in where the focus is more likely to take risk as much as the traditionallooking at risk and control — all boards be on the exercise of control.

One pre-occupation of many riskdo that. We believe that performance depending on whether Risk appetite, by contrast is aboutwhile risk appetite is about the pursuit of risks or opportunities materialise. The what the organisation does want to dorisk, risk tolerance is about what you can remaining diagrams demonstrate the and how it goes about it.

It thereforeallow the organisation to deal with. Putting it into Consultation - in our paper we have set out an illustrative process for the Flexibility - all of this needs to be carried out with the basic precept inpractice development of an approach to risk appetite. This includes appropriate mind that risk appetite can and will change over time as, for example, theWe have sought to develop an approach consultation with those external and economy shifts from boom to bust, orto risk appetite that: internal stakeholders, with whom the as cash reserves fall.

Appetite Risk & Tolerance. Executive Summary

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These sound practice guidance papers are designed to assist companies implement the various components that make up a robust risk management framework as illustrated below. The papers that have been issued to date can be found by either clicking on the relevant box below or by selecting from the list of published papers shown at the bottom of the page. This will provide a description of its contents, with access to the full papers only available to members of the IOR by logging on to the members area and then selecting the appropriate SPG paper as noted above. Thanks to Sword GRC for supporting the publication of these documents. Find us on Linkedin.

September © The Institute of We look forward to actively engaging with IRM and others Risk Appetite and Tolerance – Guidance Paper available.

Risk Appetite & Tolerance Guidance Paper

No part of this publication may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording or otherwise without the express permission of the copyright owner. Permission will generally be granted for use of the material from this document on condition that the source is clearly credited as being the Institute of Risk Management. As well as meeting the requirements imposed by corporate governance standards, organisations in all sectors are increasingly being asked by key stakeholders, including investors, analysts and the public, to express clearly the extent of their willingness to take risk in order to meet their strategic objectives.

One of them is a RiskSIG. The APM RiskSIG enables those involved in project management to develop a full understanding of risk management principles and techniques. They sponsor training, an APM Risk Certification and guidance on risk management through papers, publications, forums and events. For more information visit www.

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Addressing BCM and CM Risks

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