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The Centre for Business Management falls under the College of Economic and Management Sciences and offers SLP's in the field of business, management and commerce such as banking, finance, insurance, and marketing, among others.

You will be able to download the University of South Africa Prospectus for all academic programmes as We proceed. The Prospectus is also published at www. The University of South Africa Prospectus is a document that contains all the information about the Institution. The prospectus will take You through all the steps every Applicant should undergo during the application in order to secure admission. Click the link below to download the prospectus PDF file or alternatively view It online.

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On-campus mine surveying practicals: their contribution in training mining engineering students in an open distance learning context.

Initially intended to service mining engineering practitioners in search of formal training, the university has seen a growing enrolment of private students. Because this cohort of students has had little contact with the mining environment, there is a need to supplement the theoretical training by ODL with practical sessions on campus.

In order to investigate this concern, historical data pertaining to the performance of students over the last five years was collected. A roster was then designed for mine surveying practicals for implementation over one year, with students' attendance being optional. The students who accepted the invitation were monitored for the duration of the research. From the initial findings, a noticeable improvement in pass rate was observed for students who attended the practical sessions compared with those who did not.

This can be regarded as an incentive to make the mine surveying practicals compulsory in future while integrating them with the current learning and assessment. One consequence of this would be the training of well-rounded technicians with sought-after skills for the South African mining industry. Keywords : mine surveying, open distance learning, on-campus practicals, mining engineering education.

The set-up was intended to primarily offer flexible training to mine practitioners in search of formal qualifications without affecting their professional lives. However, over time, professional students employed in or by the mining industry have been outnumbered by private students. These students are freshly graduated from high school with little to no prior industrial experience. It is clear that the current curriculum needs to be rethought considering thechanging profile of students enrolling for mining-related qualifications.

The programme is initially aimed at supplementing students' formal training with relevant mine surveying exercises. In order to assess the impact of the programme, historical data pertaining to the performance of students over the last five years was extracted from the University database. A roster was designed for mine surveying practicals for implementation over one year, with students' attendance being optional. Statistical analysis centred on the hypothesis was performed to determine the change in status before and after the inception of the programme.

Finally, recommendations for future work are proposed and conceivable changes to tuition policies evoked. The National Diploma in Mining Engineering. The purpose of this qualification is to produce competent mining technicians whose responsibilities would include the selection and managing of the optimal mining process for the mineral deposit in question.

The curriculum of the programme is presented in Table I. The National Diploma in Mine Surveying. The main purpose of the National Diploma in Mine Surveying is to produce competent mine surveyors whose responsibilities would include taking measurements on and under the surface of the earth in a horizontal and vertical plane, showing the results in the form of a map, plan, or 3D computer model after certain calculations have been done.

Health and safety in the minerals industry continues to be a priority. UNISA wants to better equip future graduates with regard to mine health and safety in particular. UNISA is the only university that offers such a programme by distance learning.

ODL context of learning. Methodologies used in distance learning differ from those used in residential universities. In ODL, students are issued with a study package upon registration, consisting of study guides, tutorial letters, and course notes.

The assignments are included in tutorial letters. Students do not attend classes, but limited discussion classes and lecture consultation sessions are offered in some cases. Discussion classes are not compulsory and are not offered to remote students in South Africa, Africa, and the rest of the world. Students can download all course material, as well as additional resources. It constitutes a platform where students can interact with fellow students, lecturers, and tutors.

Through self-study the students work through the study guides in their own time, complete the assignments two or three , and submit them for assessment. Tutorial letters are used by lecturers to provide feedback on assignments and to discuss general problems regarding the subject content. Some lecturers provide such feedback individually when they mark student assignments. Lecturers, and in some cases also tutors, are appointed for each subject to offer academic support to the students via telephone, e-mail, MyUnisa internet , and personal sessions where required.

A year mark is calculated from assignment marks. The supplementary examination for semester modules is granted on the same condition but is written in the following session of examination. At a residential institution a student will typically register for all level 1 subjects in a semester. At UNISA a student may register for subjects from levels 1, 2, and 3 simultaneously provided that the prerequisites are fulfilled.

The remaining M-year modules are in the process of being semesterized. Certain subjects, for example work integrated-learning WIL subjects, remain full-year subjects. The experiential learning components of the programmes, also called work-integrated learning WIL are divided into separate modules covering the required levels of the programmes as shown in Tables I and II. These subjects are administered as individual modules. UNISA staff monitor the experiential learning of students continuously through feedback from students and mentors, completion of assignments and logbooks, and visits to the workplace where possible.

The need for mine surveying practical sessions on campus. Mine surveying practicals on campus were developed to support the theoretical study of mine surveying subjects, since these subjects have been found to be challenging to the majority of students.

This is particularly true of private students, since they have never had the opportunity to visit or undergo training in a mine survey department. Table III shows the pass rates and the number of students enrolled in , indicating the difference between private and professional students. The challenge faced by private students transpires through their poor performance compared with professional students.

In this section, the structure of the programme for on-campus practicals is presented. Student performance is also reviewed in order to form a baseline for comparison before and after implementation of the on-campus programme. Structure of on-campus practicals. The Mining Engineering laboratory and the vicinity of the campus were used for this purpose.

Student attendance was optional. The practical sessions were run on a weekly basis from Monday to Friday. The students who accepted the invitation to be part of the programme were received on a 'first-come first-served' basis in a group of 5 to 6 per session.

The first week of the practical sessions was devoted to traversing. The following week, students were exposed to levelling and grading techniques. This sequence was repeated alternately to accommodate all the students booked for training.

Performance of students. A study conducted at the University of the Witwatersrand developed methodologies for assessing the effectiveness of supplemental instruction SI. The method involves various kinds of comparison between students who have attended a given number or more of SI sessions and those who have attended fewer than this number, or no sessions at all Martin et cel.

Practicals on campus can be assimilated to supplemental instruction. Therefore the same methodology is used in this paper for comparing the performances of two groups of students. For simplicity, these periods are labelled as January, June, and October respectively.

The official examination results are kept in the database of the academic department for each subject. These are filed as historical data for auditing purpose and statistical analysis. They can also be obtained on request from the Examination Administration Division. Therefore, the results for the January session are combined with those of the October session from the previous year to obtain the overall results for each year.

However, these modules were 'semesterized' from and now have two examination sittings - one in June and one in October. For semester modules, the June and October results are combined to reflect the results for each year. Students who fail in June and qualify for supplementary examination re-write in October of the same year, or in general during the next semester session of examination.

The pass rate is calculated as the number of students who passed as a percentage of the number of students who wrote the examination in each period. However, it should be noted that all students admitted for examination do not necessarily write, due to the drop-out rate. The full names of modules are presented in Tables I and II. However, for the analysis of the results, each subject is further described by its code as listed in Table IV.

Student attendance at mine survey practicals. A roster was designed for mine surveying practicals for implementation over a year, split in the two semesters. Students had the choice to opt into two of the six sessions scheduled per semester on the roster, shown in Table V. Three groups were formed; labelled A, B, and C. Students' attendance at practicals was recorded and is summarized in Table VI.

This can be explained in part by the fact that the practicals were optional. The attendees were monitored for the duration of this research. Some of students cancelled their registration for financial reasons, which is one of the causes of drop-out. Some did not meet the minimum requirement of submitting at least one assignment in order to gain access to examination. Results and findings. The low pass rate can be attributed to the lack of practical experience among students enrolling directly from high school.

Figure 2 shows the pass rates for all the modules from to In order to assess the trend in pass rates over the period under investigation, separate charts with trend-lines are provided for each module in Figures 3 and 4. Similar trends can be observed for the other mine surveying modules as shown in Figure 2. It can be noted that the pass rate is decreasing for all the modules except for MVA This is alarming and indicates the need to find solutions that can help to improve the situation.

The pass rates for all the modules over five years from to are summarized in Table VII. The number of students enrolled in was reported in Table VI.

Table VIII shows the number of students who wrote in the June examination period and therefore indicates the number of students who dropped out for any of the reasons mentioned.

Undergraduate qualifications

Unisa Courses Engineering. At UniSA, we support our engineering, construction and project management students with a comprehensive array of facilities. Our eight colleges comprise the following: College of Accounting Sciences CAS : Offers several qualifications endorsed by professional financial bodies both nationally and internationally, and produces high quality graduates for the various accounting professions. The Unisa Courses under this category are grouped according to the qualifications under which they fall. Registration for the practical component is done at Unisa. Online Unisa Courses.

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On-campus mine surveying practicals: their contribution in training mining engineering students in an open distance learning context. Initially intended to service mining engineering practitioners in search of formal training, the university has seen a growing enrolment of private students. Because this cohort of students has had little contact with the mining environment, there is a need to supplement the theoretical training by ODL with practical sessions on campus.

Your admission to UNISA depends on meeting various admission requirements for the chosen qualification. Unisa Courses And Prices. The payment depends on your qualifications and the number of modules you have chosen.

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Download brochure - University of South Africa. The information contained in this brochure was correct at the time of publication 25 July

Download brochure - University of South Africa

Step 2 Are you certain about your career? You have now identified the qualifications linked to your career interests and future planning. The next step is to choose the qualification s for which you want to apply.

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CSET supports Unisa's research goals and strategies and focuses on two of its strategic niche areas in particular, namely innovation and capacity building in.

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