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a study of process writing approach

Each class consisted of 38 students. The writing test and questionnaire on self-esteem were used as the instruments to collect the data of this research. Therefore, it is suggested to implement Process-Genre Approach since the students can experience every stage of writing process in order to deliver the message in their writing properly. Editorial Teams. See Indexing here. Map Coordinate: Lat. Skip to main content Skip to main navigation menu Skip to site footer.

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European Journal of Foreign Language Teaching. European Journal of English Language Teaching. European Journal of Special Education Research. European Journal of Alternative Education Studies. European Journal of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation Studies. European Journal of Social Sciences Studies. European Journal of Economic and Financial Research.

Using the Process-Genre Approach to Improve Fourth-Grade EFL Learners’ Paragraph Writing

Scientific Research An Academic Publisher. Traditionally, Chinese English teachers tend to use the Product Approach to offer sufficient language input Liu, However, the traditional Product Approach encounters problems when English writing is meant to create a more meaningful written piece from a communicative perspective. In January the Chinese Ministry of Education You, put forward new requirements for college English teaching and learning. In recent years, a number of Chinese researchers and teachers Miao et al.

Process-Genre Approach, Product Approach, and Students’ Self-Esteem in Teaching Writing

Writing is by far the most complex and difficult of the four language skills. It has long been neglected in the history of teaching English as a Second and or a Foreign Language. According to Raimes, cited in Nunan :.

The process writing approach treats writing as a process rather than a completed product. Writing studies are conducted as part of the process due to the completion of the written text. In writing classes, this approach tends to focus on the student, and the teacher only acts as a guide. The process writing approach includes actions that occur when a written text is created.

It uses a mixed-methods through applying an embedded design by involving 24 second-grade students of a private university in West Java, Indonesia. The findings show that the students were actively involved in class when the teacher applied the writing approach in writing classroom. Qualitatively, the improvements were also found in generic features, textual language, and syntactical language aspects. In addition, the students showed highly positive attitude 4. Alwasilah, A.

Process Approach as Skill Enhancer in Writing Recount Text: A Literature Research

Writing plays a significant role in language learning. Previous research has reported on the effectiveness of several approaches to develop writing skills to enhance writing competence, but little attention has been given to the paragraph writing of elementary students.

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Process-Genre Approach, Product Approach, and Students’ Self-Esteem in Teaching Writing

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