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If you're assigned a summary in school, the best way to approach it is by reviewing the piece you're summarizing. We seek to learn, worship, and create together with momentous energy embodied in the passionate pursuit of God.

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Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. In Pursuit of Purpose - Myles Munroe. Mary Kanute. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. DedicationTo the human heart. To every individual given birth by destiny. To the one who finds life empty, aimless and busy, but not effective. To you, the reader, for whom I desire a purposeful life characterized by effectiveness, efficiency and fulfillment. To all who are oppressed by the ignorance of others. To every generation that seeks meaning and a reason for living.

To everyone who is seeking for himself. AcknowledgmentsWe are a sum total of what we have learned from all who have taught us, both great and small. I am grateful for the inspiration and wisdom of men and women of God and for the trans-generational sources and roots of wisdom they have left me.

I am also grateful for the many members, friends and colleagues at Bahamas Faith Ministries International whose faithfulness, prayers and patience inspire me to continue to fulfill my purpose and potential. For the development and production of this book itself, I feel a deep sense of gratitude to:-my precious wife, Ruth, and our children, Charisa and Chairo Myles Jr.

You make it easier to fulfill God's will for my life. Foreword"Who am I? Many Christians have proclaimed that salvation is the "be all and end all" of life here. Salvation is certainly the single most important element in time and etermity, but there are many "truly saved" Christians who feel unfulfilled even as they agonize, fast and pray in an attempt to salve the nagging sense that there is something more to life.

Yes, they know Jesus. Yes, many have been filled with the Holy Spirit. Still, the great majority wonder, "What lies beyond salvation and the baptism of the Spirit?

No single book except the Bible can answer all your questions, but drawing from the wellspring of divine revelation, life experience and intelligent scholarship, Dr. Myles Munroe has fashioned a compass that can focus you on the path toward fulfillment, while providing the answer to the all-encompassing question, "Why am I here?

You haven't wandered here aimlessly. There is method to this journey and a solution may be at hand. Perhaps, you will find in these pages what you have been seeking for yearspurpose.

Please let me die," sobbed the frail, old gentleman as the strong young swimmer struggled against the boisterous waves of the open ocean. Finally they made it to the beach and both fell, desperately exhausted, onto the sand.

Your good deed is the curse of my existence. As he panted from the heroic effort of rescuing the victim from the violent waves, he shook his head, revealing the shock and the mystification that filled his mind. Winston had known Mr. Cambridge for twenty years. He had always admired the hard-working businessman for his success. To him, Mr. Cambridge was a role model that embodied all he hoped to be some day.

Having worked all his life to achieve the status of being the wealthiest man in the city, Mr. Cambridge owned millions of dollars worth of investments and an enviable mansion on the beach front. He was the father of three well-educated children who all worked in his companies and the husband of a woman who loved him. Hundreds of friends, relatives and admirers looked to him for inspiration and guidance.

Perplexed by the disparity between his observations of Mr. Cambridge's life and the gentleman's desire to die, Winston asked, "But, sir. Why do you want to die? It may change yours as well. As tears flooded his aged eyes, the old man buried his face in his hands and lamented, "What was it all for?

Is this all there is? What did I gain? I have everything and yet nothing. Everyone thinks I am a success, but I am a failure. I have given everything and received nothing. I made my parents happy and proud of me, and my wife has everything she could desire.

My children want for nothing, and my reputation among my friends, associates and enemies is impressive. Still I am empty, depressed, frustrated and sad. My life has no meaning. Unlike my bank accounts, which are well filled, I am unfulfilled.

For years I have been so driven by the expectations of others that I have not discovered my personal reason for being. I do not wish to live with such emptiness. Today I decided it was better to be dead than to be alive and not know why.

As he attempted to regain his composure, the old man took his hand, looked into his eyes with a soul-searching gaze and said, "Son, do not strive to be like me. Find out who you are and be yourself.

Where there is no purpose, there is no self-control, no moral conviction and no ethical boundaries. This principle is increasingly evident in both our personal and corporate lives. America spends more money annually on drugs than on oil. The "Land of the Free and the Home of the Brave" has become the world's number one addict.

Professor Bonnie further contends that "the moment we decided we could create our own reality, we had no use for dreams, forgetting that a dreamless sleep is death. Where there is no purpose, no internal reason for living, no significance in life, the demand for discipline, commitment, self-control and respect for authority will gradually diminish until we, like Mr. Cambridge, will sit among our life-long accomplishments and cry with regret, "Is this all there is?

This feeling of emptiness and internal failure even after a significant measure of material and social success is a direct result of the failure to discover purpose in life and a reason for being born.

Until this direction is discovered, life remains an experiment that is based on assumptions and hypotheses. You must realize that your fulfillment in life is dependent on your becoming and doing what you were born to be and do. Anything less makes life your enemy and death your friend.

It is essential, vital, crucial and necessary that you understand this fundamental principle of purpose and pursue it with all your heart. For without purpose, life has no heart. Remember, those who don't know where they are going will probably end up someplace else.

Therefore I do not run like a man running aimlessly; I do not fight like a man beating the air. It was the moment for which everyone had been waiting all evening. The thunderous applause of the excited crowd filled the air after the mayor made the announcement, "Ladies and gentlemen, it gives me great pleasure to present the annual Outstanding Citizen of the Year award to Dr. Clyde Wilson, Jr.

Sitting at the table he had left were his father, Mr. Clyde Wilson, Sr. This was the moment for which they had waited all their lives-to see their son become all they had ever envisioned for him.

As pride filled their hearts, they knew that no one in the room could understand their sense of accomplishment, satisfaction and fulfillment. Wilson had always dreamed of being a medical doctor. While his son was still quite young, the father had told him that he would do whatever it took to see that the son could become the doctor the father had never been.

Young Clyde's parents had labored at many jobs over the years and had lived without the conveniences of life just to make it possible for their son to attend medical school and to complete his internship. This evening made those sacrifices worthwhile, as Clyde junior now brought honor and respect to the family.

As Dr. Wilson stood on stage, holding the plaque, the crowd rose to their feet. Cameras flashed and shouts of adulation filled the room.

Then, as the applause subsided, silence filled the room. Everyone waited for the response of the good doctor. For a moment he stood erect, poised to speak. Then his composure broke and, with tears flooding his eyes, the young doctor pleaded with his parents in a loud voice that mirrored the despair in his eyes, "Please, Mom and Dad, forgive me.

In Pursuit of Purpose - Myles Munroe

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Intercessory Prayer Book Pdf The Bible records examples of the effectiveness of prayer in healing in the book of Genesis , As a Christian, we must have done this intercessory prayer for a lot either alone or with others. God does not have to wait until 10 or 20 or people pray about a situation in order to intervene. He was radically saved as a. An Example of Intercession from Acts.

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PLANS PURPOSES & PURSUITS Kenneth E. Hagin Unless otherwise indicated, all Scripture quotations in this volume are from the King James Version of the.

Plans, Purposes, Pursuits

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Plans, Purposes, Pursuits

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