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These transistors can be used as amplifiers, switches and oscillators.

NPN vs. PNP: What's the Difference?

The arrangement of the three terminals affects the current and the amplification of the transistor. The behavior of Bipolar junction transistors is also very different for each circuit configuration. The three different circuit configurations produce different circuit characteristics with regards to input impedance, output impedance and gain. These characteristics affect whether the transistor exhibits voltage gain, current gain or power gain. One of the primary operations of a bipolar junction transistor is to amplify the signal of the current. Bipolar junction Transistors are able to regulate the current so that the current magnitude is proportional to the biased voltage applied at the base terminal of the transistor. The application of Bipolar Junction Transistors can be found in devices that utilize analog circuits such as computers, mobile phones and radio transmitters.

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Difference between NPN and PNP Transistor

By StudentsHeart Team. On August 4, In Transistor. In PNP, arrow points inside. This was the main difference between NPN and PNP transistor, in order to understand the physical and internal differences of both types of transistor we have to see their Symbols, Construction, and Operation. Here you can see that an NPN and PNP transistor has three terminals knows as Emitter, Base, and Collector the only difference in symbols of both transistor is the direction of an arrow.

One of the major difference between the NPN and PNP transistor is that in the NPN transistor the current flow between collector to emitter when the positive supply is given to the base, whereas in PNP transistor the charge carrier flows from the emitter to collector when negative supply is given to the base. It is the current controlling devices and mainly used for switching and amplifying the signal. Mostly, the NPN transistor is used in the circuit because in NPN transistor the conduction current is mainly by electrons while in the PNP transistor the conduction current is because of the holes. As the electrons are more mobile the NPN has high conduction. The NPN and PNP transistor, both are made up of different material due to which the current develops in them also differs. Sometimes when the voltage applied across the emitter the electrons cross the base junction and reach the collector region. When holes enter into the base.

a positive voltage is given to the collector terminal to produce a current flow from the collector to the emitter.

Bipolar Junction Transistor

As example, the amplifier PNP silicon bipolar transistor BC can work with collector currents up to mA maximum ratings and up to 45V.. In some applications this transistor can be used as switch for higher currents, e. Digital Transistor PNP.

Another crucial difference between NPN and PNP transistor is the direction of flow of current, the current in NPN transistor flows from collector to emitter , on the contrary, the current in PNP transistor flows from emitter to collector. The emitter terminal of NPN transistor is connected to negative terminal of the battery while the emitter terminal of PNP transistor is connected to the positive terminal of the battery. NPN transistor is formed by sandwiching P-layer of the semiconductor between two layers of N-type semiconductor. The majority charge carriers in NPN transistor are electrons.

Difference Between NPN and PNP Transistor

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Difference Between NPN & PNP Transistor

Both p-n- p and the n- p-n transistors are the basic transistors which come under the category of bipolar junction transistors. These are used in the various amplifications circuits and the modulating circuits. NPN and PNP transistors are bipolar junction transistors, and it is a basic electrical and electronic component which is used to build many electrical and electronic projects.

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One of the major differences between the NPN and PNP transistor is that in NPN transistor the current flows between collector to base when the positive supply.

Pnp transistor image

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Differences between NPN & PNP Transistors and their Making
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