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There are some steps for you to follow. But first, you will have to prepare the following:. Anti-static Wrist Strap or Wrist Band to discharge your bodys static electricity.

How to Disassemble a Computer

The purpose of this paper is to enhance the method developed by previous researchers. A computer program is generated and results of two cases are compared with those of the available studies. The methodology includes the combined interference matrix, the combined contact matrix and the combined connection matrix of components for a product. The binary number system is used to simplify relations among components of a product. This methodology enhances the existing method and software is generated.

But you eventually mustered up the courage and bit the bullet on ordering the perfect list of PC parts for your needs, and they've finally arrived at your door. Excellent choice my friend. Overall, it's well worth the little extra time and effort to learn how to assemble a PC yourself, and you'll be glad you did once it's all over and your new custom PC is up and running. Feeling anxious? F ear not, Padawan, as we're proud to present this comprehensive yet simple to understand PC installation guide that's been freshly updated for

Our guide covers the most common ways computers are put together, but computers and manufacturers can vary. Generally, the process is to unplug all the cords and cables connecting a component to other components, then remove the part from the case or frame. Components can be attached to the case with special clips, screws, or by insertion into a holder. In each case, no more than a small amount of force is needed to remove the part. You will need a small Phillips-head screwdriver and depending on the manufacturer of your components, possibly a flathead screwdriver.

Disassembly processes with disassembly matrices and effects of operations

Image via Canva. The disassembling of the computer system starts with externally connected device detachment. Make sure the computer system is turned off, if not then successfully shut down the system and then start detaching the external devices from the computer system. It includes removing the power cable from electricity switchboard, then remove the cable from SMPS switch mode power supply from the back of the CPU Cabinet. Do not start the disassembling without detaching the power cable from the computer system.

So if you are new to PC assembly and are interested in getting involved, please check out out our infographic below for a step-by-step guide in pictures of how to build your own computer. ESD can occasionally be thousands of Volts which has the potential to cause damage to computer parts. By following good practice I. To ground yourself, simply touch the metal casing of your computer case to bring yourself to the same electrical potential as it. You can do this often throughout the assembly process to discharge any electrical potential you may have built up. Avoid building up any charge on your body by limiting how much you move around or what you touch e.

A PC is installed in a computer like the world. Your task is to collect parts of the computer to move on to the next stage while avoiding enemies that will try to stop​.

Student Handout 3 How to Assemble and Disassemble PC

After getting through this article, you can assemble and disassemble a computer by yourself. And consequently, you feel the assembling and the disassembling a PC is in your comfort zone. You should be mindful of placing the correct parts in the proper spot and ensure that all screws are appropriately tight. Assembling a PC means connecting different components of a computer so that users can use the PC or computer. Generally, we fear to assemble and disassemble a computer system by ourselves, and I am with you.

In this Instructable, I will give a full documentation of how to disassemble a desktop PC, for parts. Every computer is different, but this is a general guide. If you don't fully grasp what I mean when I am describing something, please refer to the pictures! Picture Quality Notice and HD pics! Click the " [i] " in the top left corner of a picture, then click " original file: x 1 MB " to see the high quality HD pictures!

A Guide to Disassembling and Assembling a Computer System

The first step to building a computer is acquiring the parts. This guide will start with a quick explanation of essential parts and elaborate on them further on. These are the parts that a standard PC will use.

How To Assemble A Desktop PC/Choosing the parts

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Before starting assembling the computer system, make sure you have the screws and a screwdriver for those. Step 1: Mount the Processor. Step 2: Fix the Motherboard in the Tower Case. Step 3: Connect the Power Supply. Step 4: Install the Drives. Step 5: Connect Cables. Step 6: Mount the Memory Modules.

Planning Your Build (Safety First!)

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How To Build a Computer – Step By Step Infographic

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