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Despite overwhelming evidence that traditional methods including a carrot reward and stick reprimand approach is not effective, an incredible number of companies still waste time and energy on such methods. According to Paul Marciano, Ph. In the U. One size does not fit all when it comes to workplace motivation. Your contribution was essential to our success.

Motivating Employees Is Not About Carrots or Sticks

No matter how effective the followership is or how hard working the workers are, a bad leadership can as well stall the objectives of any organization and make hard-workers look as if they are not working. That is the reason so much attention is paid to the quality of leadership in setting the direction for the personnel efforts and getting the goals of an organization accomplished Fiedler, Among the many leadership styles available is the carrot and stick leadership style commonly known as the transactional leadership style Kaleem, The name, carrot and stick, signifies the means by which authority is exercised and obedience is demanded. By implication, the carrot and stick approach to leadership is a conditional type of leadership that involves an exchange between the leader and worker or employee. Labour or efforts exerted is dependent on the reward in view and vice versa, thus signifying a trading of interests between the parties involved. Just as other forms of leadership have their advantages, this type of leadership also has its advantages, hence those that believe in it hold tenaciously to it insisting that rewarding efforts gets people to put in more efforts and also that people by their nature would not do much work except they are recognized, appreciated and compensated in ways that are commensurate with their inputs.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. The Bachelor thesis deals with the issues of motivation system based on rewards and punishments. In the thesis, I refer to research and experiments of various psychologists, economists and other social scientists in order to back up the arguments in favor of the theory of negative effects of extrinsic incentives on intrinsic motivation and creativity. Save to Library.

Carrot and Stick Approach of Motivation

Referring back to carrot and the stick in the title of this article , Hertzberg implies that anybody can be made to do something when they are threatened or bribed enough. However, this is not the solution to running a good company as this approach will still not. It put me into thoughts to be. It is named in reference to a cart driver dangling a carrot in front of a mule and holding a stick behind it. The origins of the theory are traced back to a vendor who used carrots and sticks to get the work done by donkey. In an organizational set up if u use rewards and appreciation.

Wikipedia defines this tactic as. It is based on the idea that a cart driver might activate a reluctant horse by dangling a carrot in front of it and smacking it on the rear with a stick. The carrot might be a promise of economic aid from one nation to another, the stick might be a threat of military action. Recent studies indicate that this approach simply does not work. Kohn notes that in one study, some of the participants were promised a reward if they successfully wrote a poem.

Definition: The Carrot and Stick Approach of Motivation is a traditional motivation theory that asserts, in motivating people to elicit desired behaviors, sometimes the rewards are given in the form of money, promotion, and any other financial or non-financial benefits and sometimes the punishments are exerted to push an individual towards the desired behavior. The Carrot and Stick approach of motivation is based on the principles of reinforcement and is given by a philosopher Jeremy Bentham, during the industrial revolution. This theory is derived from the old story of a donkey, the best way to move him is to put a carrot in front of him and jab him with a stick from behind. The carrot is a reward for moving while the stick is the punishment for not moving and hence making him move forcefully. Thus, an individual is given carrot i. While giving the punishments, the following points need to be taken care of:. Thus, carrot and stick approach of motivation should be applied carefully such that, both have the positive motivational effect on the people in the organization.

Carrot and Stick Motivation: Definition and Examples in the Workplace

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What is carrot and stick motivation?

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