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MX Series routers, ACX Series routers, and EX Series switches support spanning-tree protocols that prevent loops in a network by creating a tree topology spanning-tree of the entire bridged network. All spanning-tree protocols use a special type of frame called bridge protocol data units BPDUs to communicate with each other. When BPDUs generated by other devices are transmitted to switches on which spanning-tree protocols are configured, a misconfiguration can occur in the spanning tree and a network outage can occur.

Connecting switches to PortFast-enabled ports can cause Layer 2 loops or topology changes. Root Guard : Prevents switches connected on ports configured as access ports from becoming the root switch. This prevents false information from being injected into the Spanning Tree domain on ports that have Spanning Tree disabled.

Root Guard, BPDU Guard and BPDU Filter

STP extensions ensure efficient network convergence by securely enforcing the active network topology. Root guard and loop guard are mutually exclusive. Configuring one overwrites the other from the active configuration. Inhaltsverzeichnis ausblenden. Inhaltsverzeichnis ausblenden Inhaltsverzeichnis anzeigen.

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Register now or log in to join your professional community. BPDU Guard is designed to protect your switching network. This could be a end user device, server or access-point. When an unexpected BPDU is detected an end-user wants to plug in a switch in his cubicle the port will shutdown and enter a err-disable state. BPDU guard when enabled on a per port interface, is conditional. It requires the port to be port fast enabled. If you require BPDU guard to be enabled unconditionally then you must do that on the port itself.

If the interface policy group is used for configuration, then BPDU. Guard or filter is enabled on the Leaf ports. This causes those ports to become error-disabled.

BPDU Protection for Spanning-Tree Protocols

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There is always the need to prevent employees from plugging random switches into the network. So what happens when an end user on your network gets the smart idea of plugging a mini switch into multiple wall jacks that are connected to two different switches? A simple answer would be a fancy light show in the wiring closet but the technical answer would be a layer two switching loop which would near instantaneously result in a broadcast storm bringing the network speed to a screeching halt.

Right-click any port and then enable or disable the following features:. Loop guard is disabled by default on all ports. To prevent this, DHCP blocking filters messages on untrusted ports. Loop guard —A loop in a layer-2 network results in broadcast storms that have far-reaching and unwanted effects.

OS10 Enterprise Edition User Guide Release 10.4.0E(R3)

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