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Students, you have to study many books to gain knowledge. You have to read long answers. You may find it a little difficult to keep them all in your memory.

Note Making Class 11 CBSE Format, Examples

Making notes is a useful practice as it often helps students during lectures, while preparing for exams and revising for them. It also helps condense long chapters into short, to the point material, which further helps one to remember the gathered information. Moreover, texts are better understood with the help of notes. Today, extensive reading is the buzz word in every field of study or research. While reading, we are often bombarded with information of a vast ambit. Note-making is a means to capture the key ideas of a given passage in an easily readable, logically structured format.

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Summary Writing Examples Pdf

This guide is about why we make notes, how to make effective notes from lectures and reading, and describes a variety of note-making techniques. Note making is not just about writing down everything you hear or read. It is a process of reviewing, connecting and synthesising ideas from your lectures or reading. You can also see our note making techniques tutorial , which explores the different approaches you can take to note making. You will learn the various options for note making in different contexts and explore the advantages and features of each approach.

Question 1. Read the passage given below and answer the questions that follow: Delhi, All India Effective speaking depends on effective listening. It takes energy to concentrate on hearing and to concentrate on understanding what has been heard. Incompetent listeners fail in a number of ways. First, they may drift. Their attention drifts from what the speaker is saying.

Read the sample summary. A good summary condenses shortens the original text. Which of these is the best summary of the passage? The format can be a bullet-point list or it can contain more graphics How do I write one? Then you must briefly write down those ideas in a few sentences or a paragraph. Writing a Summary Abstract Summarizing is an important skill for effective note-taking during research. Summarizing helps improve both your reading and writing skills.

Note Making and Summary writing for Class 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th

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Note-making is an advanced writing skill which is gaining importance due to knowledge explosion. There is a need to remember at least the main points of any given subject. Making notes is a complex activity which combines several skills.

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