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Points and Crossings. Points and crossings are provided to help transfer railway vehicles from one track to another. The tracks may be parallel to, diverging from, or converging with each other. Points and crossings are necessary because the wheels of railway vehicles are provided with inside flanges and, therefore, they require this special arrangement in order to navigate their way on the rails. The points or switches aid in diverting the vehicles and the crossings provide gaps in the rails so as to help the flanged wheels to roll over them.

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Types of switches Stud switch No separate tongue rail is provided and some portion of the track is moved from one side to the other side Not in use on Indian Railways. Split switch It consist of a pair of stock rails and a pair of tongue rails. It is of two types loose heel type and fixed heal type. As the discontinuity of the track at the heal is a weakness in the structure, the use of these switches is not preferred. The movement at the toe of the switch is made possible on account of the flexibility of the tongue rail.

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A railroad switch AE , turnout , or [ set of ] points BE is a mechanical installation enabling railway trains to be guided from one track to another, such as at a railway junction or where a spur or siding branches off. The switch consists of the pair of linked tapering rails, known as points switch rails or point blades , lying between the diverging outer rails the stock rails. These points can be moved laterally into one of two positions to direct a train coming from the point blades toward the straight path or the diverging path. A train moving from the narrow end toward the point blades i. Unless the switch is locked, a train coming from either of the converging directs will pass through the points onto the narrow end, regardless of the position of the points, as the vehicle's wheels will force the points to move. Passage through a switch in this direction is known as a trailing-point movement. A switch generally has a straight "through" track such as the main-line and a diverging route.

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Brief notes and general definitions : Crossings, switches and turnouts are the essential adjuncts of a track structure which are provided at the intersection of two tracks to permit the rolling stock to pass from one track to another. The smooth passage of the rolling stock from one track to another depends among other factors on the angle of the crossing. Which is kept as small as possible for high-speed traffic on the running lines. For high-speed junctions a special layout with 1 in 16 crossing has been designed. There are different methods of denoting the angle of the crossing by a number.

A line consists of two rails running parallel to each other. Points are provided to divert the running trains from one track to another. The points have movable switches which can be operated electrically by a point machine. A point can be single-ended point or double-ended point depending on whether the movable switches are provided at one end or two ends of the point,. The two switch rails of the point are rigidly connected together by a cross bar so that they can be moved from one position to the other position together by the point machine. If the position of the switches is such that the train is moved on to the main line as shown above, then the point is said to be in its normal N position.

Points and crossings should be inspected in detail, as the quality of a train ride greatly depends on their maintenance. The following important points should be checked. Badly worn out rails should be replaced. It should be ensured that the turnout side stock rail is provided with the requisite bend ahead of the toe of the switch; otherwise the alignment at this spot is bound to be kinky. Condition of fittings of tongue and stock rails The fittings should be tight and the spherical washers must be placed at their correct locations. The slide chairs should be cleaned and greased with graphite for smooth operation of the points.

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Railroad switch

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