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Published: 01.05.2021

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Ecological Economics Beyond Markets

Title: Beyond markets and states : polycentric governance of complex economic systems. Authors: Ostrom, Elinor. Place: [S. Publisher: Author]. Year:

Ecological Economics Beyond Markets

Ostrom studied the management of shared environmental resources. Her work focused on how human beings come together to solve social dilemmas such as how a resource held in common should be managed. Each chapter explores a particular issue in environmental policy by carefully analyzing how institutions impact environmental outcomes and considering what might be done to improve those outcomes. The volume begins with an examination of resource governance in the American West and how institutions developed to govern a complex and demanding landscape. It then explores the largely successful multi-stakeholder approach to the management of the greater sage grouse in the western U.

Elinor Ostrom

Though she is very well known in her field common property , she was generally unknown to the profession as a whole. This article, perhaps, does something to rectify that. Ostrom is at heart an applied game theorist.

Beyond Markets and States: Polycentric Governance of Complex Economic Systems

Some recent predictions seem to use the suffering to score points in ongoing political arguments. As a better example of how to describe the future during a crisis, I cite the prophetic voice of Martin Luther King, Jr. King does not merely predict: he calls for action, joins the action, and makes himself responsible for its success or failure.

Non-market practices and institutions make up much of every economy. Even in today's most developed capitalist societies, people produce things that are not for sale and allocate them through sharing, gifts, and redistribution rather than buying and selling. This article is about why and how ecological economists should study these non-market economies.

In order to demonstrate how policymakers can engage in institutional analysis at each level, we examine the case study of state regulatory reform. We find that the pursuit of marginal improvements within an existing governance framework can contribute to institutional reform if researchers are focused on long-run institutional change. This requires looking at policy research as part of a process aimed at institutional experimentation and the reimagination of governance frameworks within a polycentric environment where researchers engage in coproduction of an adaptive and sustainable governance system.

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