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Protozoa also protozoan , plural protozoans is an informal term for a group of single-celled eukaryotes , either free-living or parasitic , which feed on organic matter such as other microorganisms or organic tissues and debris. In some systems of biological classification , Protozoa remains a high-level taxonomic group. When first introduced by Georg Goldfuss in , Protozoa was erected as a class within the animals, [6] and its etymology is literally "first animals".

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We have loaded Previous years questions with explanations Like and Follow us on Facebook and Telegram for latest updates It is worldwide in distribution. It is found in fresh water ponds, pools, streams, lakes, rivers etc. It is found in abundance in stagnant water bodies containing dead and decaying organic matter.

Protozoans may take food into the cell at a specific point, such as the cytostome a well-developed feeding groove , at a particular region of the cell surface, or at any random point of entry. In the collared flagellates , or choanoflagellates, for example, the collar and flagellum operate in feeding. The collar, composed of fine pseudopodia , surrounds the flagellum. The beating flagellum creates a water current, causing water to move through the collar. Particles of food in the current are trapped on the collar and are ingested by pseudopodia at its base.

Mechanisms of food ingestion

Hall, Richard P. University of California, Los Angeles, California. Last reviewed: October An informal grouping of single-celled eukaryotic microorganisms. In previous taxonomic schemes, certain unicellular eukaryotic microorganisms were assigned to an animal kingdom known as Protozoa.

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Nutrition of parasitic protozoa: Pinocytosis: tiny droplets of fluid. -Phagocytosis: small objects of macro- molecular dimension are taken into the.

Nutrition and Protozoa (With Diagram)

The following points highlight the seven important modes of nutrition in Protozoa. The modes are: 1. Holozoic or Zoo-Trophic Nutrition 2. Pinocytosis 3. Autotrophic or Holophytic Nutrition 4.

NCBI Bookshelf. Baron S, editor. Medical Microbiology.

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    Flagellar Movement. • 3. Ciliary Movement. Page 3. Protozoans: Type of Locomotion # 1. Amoeboid. Movement.

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    Locomotion and Reproduction in Protozoans It stops feeding and gets maximum growth. considered as the fastest movement among protozoans.

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