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There is no special process for the election of the Prime Minister in the Constitution of India. Article 75 only says that India shall have a Prime Minister whose appointment shall be made by the President. The Prime Minister is the leader of the Council of Ministers.

The office of the Prime Minister is the most powerful office in India. If Cabinet is the strongest institution, the Prime Minister is the strongest person in the cabinet under the Constitution of India, the real centre of power is the office of the Prime Minister. He is the Head of the Government of India. He is the real custodian of all executive authority. The Constitution simply lays down that the Prime Minister is to be appointed by the President.

Prime Minister of India: Power and Position of the Prime Minister

The Prime minister is the central figure of any federal government. India is a federal state and has a type of government similar to Japan, Australia and England. All of these countries have a post of Prime minister instead of a President. In India Prime Minister is not the head of the nation; instead, he is the head of the government. In India, the head of the country is the President. Even though the Prime minister is not the head of the nation, he has got much more power than the President of India.

The President is elected by members of an electoral college consisting of elected members of both Houses of Parliament and Legislative Assemblies of the states in accordance with the system of proportional representation, by means of single transferable vote. To secure uniformity among state inter se, as well as parity between the states as a whole, and the Union, suitable weightage is given to each vote. The President must be a citizen of India, not less than 35 years of age, and qualified for election as member of the Lok Sabha. His term of office is five years, and he is eligible for re-election. His removal from office is to be in accordance with procedure prescribed in Article 61 of the Constitution. He may, by writing under his hand addressed to the Vice-President, resign his office.

Power and Function of Prime Minister of India

Prime Minister- Powers and Functions Powers and Function of the Prime Minister A The constitution does not lay down any formal qualification for the office of the Prime Minister. The Prime Minister has multiple roles as the Administrative Head, the political chief executive, the leader of the Lok Sabha, and the leader of the nation. A Formation of the Council of Minister He must include people of different castes, religions, etc.

Cabinet , in political systems, a body of advisers to a head of state who also serve as the heads of government departments. The cabinet has become an important element of government wherever legislative powers have been vested in a parliament, but its form differs markedly in various countries, the two most striking examples being the United Kingdom and the United States. The cabinet system of government originated in Great Britain. The cabinet developed from the Privy Council in the 17th and early 18th centuries when that body grew too large to debate affairs of state effectively. The English monarchs Charles II reigned —85 and Anne —14 began regularly consulting leading members of the Privy Council in order to reach decisions before meeting with the more unwieldy full council. After George I —27 , who spoke little English, ceased to attend meetings with the committee in , the decision-making process within that body, or cabinet, as it was now known, gradually became centred on a chief, or prime, minister. This office began to emerge during the long chief ministry —42 of Sir Robert Walpole and was definitively established by Sir William Pitt later in the century.

The Prime Minister of India:Power and Functions. The Prime Minister is the real executive authority (de facto executive) of the country.

[New 2020] Powers and Functions of Prime minister| Prime Minister of India

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One of the most important questions which engaged the attention of the framers of the Constitution was the nature of the Executive and its relation with the Legislature. Ambedkar observed in introducing the Constitution:. The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to the House of the People. He can prorogue the two Houses and can dissolve the House of the People. The interval between two sessions must not exceed six Months.

The prime minister is the chief adviser to the president of India and the head of the Union Council of Ministers. They can be a member of any of the two houses of the Parliament of India —the Lok Sabha House of the People and the Rajya Sabha Council of the States ; but has to be a member of the political party or coalition, having a majority in the Lok Sabha. The prime minister is the senior-most member of cabinet in the executive of government in a parliamentary system. The prime minister selects and can dismiss members of the cabinet; allocates posts to members within the government; and is the presiding member and chairperson of the cabinet.

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