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You can automatically assess the programming aptitude of prospective candidates using our JavaScript online test. This quiz consists of 20 questions written and reviewed by a team of veteran JavaScript developers. It covers a wide spectrum of JavaScript language knowledge and provides an accurate snapshot of candidates' programming skills, allowing you to easily identify the most promising developers.

This section focuses on javascript mcq.

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JavaScript Interview Questions

What is Node. Where can you use it? Answer : Node. It is used to build scalable programs especially web applications that are computationally simple but are frequently accessed. You can use Node. You can also use it for developing: Real-time web applications, Network applications, General-purpose applications, and Distributed systems.

Javascript is a scripting language supports scripts for Web pages but it is also used in non-browser environments as well. It is a powerful, lightweight, interpreted, scripting language with first-class functions i. That's the reason why it is widely used for the behavior of the web pages. We have listed some Javascript Developer interview questions with their answers that help you to crack javascript interviews. Javascript is an object-oriented computer programming language commonly used to create interactive effects within web browsers.

How can this pitfall be avoided? Therefore, the following code will, to the surprise of most developers, log true not false to the console:. As long as one is aware of this, the problem can easily be avoided by also checking if bar is null :. First, the above solution will return false if bar is a function. In most cases, this is the desired behavior, but in situations where you want to also return true for functions, you could amend the above solution to be:. Second, the above solution will return true if bar is an array e.

JavaScript MCQ Questions And Answers PDF Free Download

Javascript Multiple Choice Quiz Code. Customize the quiz with your own design, and illustrate quiz questions with photos and videos. If you are not sure about the answer then you can check the answer using Show Answer button. Configuring the quiz: As mentioned above, all changes to the quiz is made in the external js file popsolution. At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed. A Django multiple choice quiz consisting of technical and theoretical questions to evaluate your web development knowledge.

The test is not official, it's just a nice way to see how much you know, or don't know, about JavaScript. You will get 1 point for each correct answer. At the end of the Quiz, your total score will be displayed. Maximum score is 25 points. The Bootstrap Certificate documents your knowledge of the Bootstrap framework.

Using our HTML online test will allow you to easily assess the skills of prospective candidates before you invite them to a live interview. Your candidates' results on this test will provide an accurate picture of their HTML coding aptitude. In order to properly compare candidates, they need to answer questions of the same difficulty level , and different questions always mean different difficulty levels. However, the order of questions and answers is randomized for each applicant. For example, you have 5 candidates who get scores of 35, 45, 60, 65, and 80, based on a maximum possible score of The test is presented in a multiple-choice, or quiz, format , rather than requiring test takers to write code.

Using ______ statement is how you test for a specific condition. A. Select B. If C. Switch D. For. Which of the following is the structure of an.

Top 85 JavaScript Interview Questions and Answers for 2021

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