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The clef shown here is a bass clef.

Note Naming Worksheets – Treble and Bass Clef Notes (PDF)

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Reading the notes in music is the first stage in understanding music theory. A Grand Staff is two staves joined together. Most often known as the treble and bass clefs. Most composers, arrangers, songwriters use the Grand Staff to compose their music. A full-size piano has 88 keys. This example shows just 29 of them. The range of the piano is huge.

No selling, reformatting, redistribution, etc. Simply click on the worksheet images below to open the free, downloadable, printable, pdf files. Beginner treble clef G clef and bass clef F clef note reading worksheets and exercises. Beginner grand staff note reading worksheets and exercises, especially for piano. Intermediate treble clef, bass clef, and grand staff note reading worksheets and exercises.

Notes of the Grand Staff

These two parts are showing the so called treble clef and bass clef notes. Together they tell both hands which notes to play. If you want to improve your hand coordination you can check out this article. Most beginners learn to read the treble clef first, as in piano music the right hand often plays the melody. This means that much less time is devoted to reading the bass clef.

The Grand Staff

Now for the best part. You can print off each guide totally free! You can also click here to browse the complete list of guides at the bottom of this post. This guide will help you keep them straight. Click here for the printable PDF. Key signatures can be tricky to learn. This guide is perfect for the classroom or practice room.

As pianists, we have to learn to read both the treble G clef and the Bass F clef equally. Unfortunately, most students learn only the treble clef notes in school, and when starting piano lessons struggle to get note reading on the bass staff up to the same level. Here you'll learn to read the bass clef notes quickly with very simple exercises. The best and fastest way to learn to name and play notes is by using flashcards. Learn more.

As this manuscript paper, it ends up visceral one of the favored books manuscript paper collections that we have. Format: PDF. Blank manuscript paper with 10 bass clef staves. It has 12 staves on it. Please find below various A4 manuscript paper which are available to download and print free of charge! These sheets are horizontal, with either 6 or 8 1" rows.

Treble Clef Note Recognition – Worksheet (bass clef too). Treble Clef Note Helpsheet: Treble & Bass Clef Staff Notes - Download Sheet Music PDF.

Offer students note identification practice using multiple learning styles!

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