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Western culture as specified in the cultural map above is defined by the following:. It has been said that East and West can never meet up.

The idea of nature in the east in comparison with the west

It is often suggested that contrasting Eastern vs. Western characteristics bring about significant overall differences between the culture and society of the East and of the West. Those who compare, and seek to find contrasts rather than similarities between, Eastern vs. Western characteristics tend to identify such things as:- Eastern Society and Culture Community orientation passive contemplative accepting of what is hope of enjoying life through society wealth seen as resulting from good fortune cherish wisdom of the years high value on wider family Western Society and Culture Individualism value activity encourage diligence seeking of positive change hope for materialistic success wealth seen as resulting from effort cherish youthful vitality high value on material pursuits. For I presume the state has not received them from any other source. It would be ridiculous to imagine that the presence of the spirited element in cities is not to be traced to individuals, wherever this character is imputed to the people, as it is to the natives of Thrace, and Scythia, and generally speaking, of the northern countries; or the love of knowledge, which would be chiefly attributed to our own country; or the love of riches, which people would especially connect with the Phoenicians and the Egyptians.

Differences Between Eastern and Western Philosophy

The ambition and challenge of comparative philosophy is to include all the philosophies of global humanity in its vision of what is constituted by philosophy. This approach distinguishes comparative philosophy from several other approaches to philosophy. First, comparative philosophy is distinct from both area studies philosophy in which philosophers investigate topics in particular cultural traditions, for example, Confucianism and world philosophy in which philosophers construct a philosophical system based on the fullness of global traditions of thought. Second, comparative philosophy differs from more traditional philosophy in which ideas are compared among thinkers within a particular tradition; comparative philosophy intentionally compares the ideas of thinkers of very different traditions, especially culturally distinct traditions. With the unique approach of comparative philosophy also comes unique difficulties and challenges that are not as characteristic of doing philosophy within a particular tradition.

By growing up in two very different places with very different traditions she was able to experience the differences between the two cultures first-hand. From the broad differences between East and West, to subtle variation between US states, it is becoming increasingly clear that history, geography and culture can … There is no division between eastern or western philosophy … We value personal achievements over group efforts. Western religions are found in the Americas and throughout Europe. Ebba Ourfali. It is an intriguing look at differences in business culture between Japan and the west.

Collectivism — individuals are part of a group and the needs of the group come before the individual. In analyzing a mythological work, a proper understanding of the nature of the self and its relation to the Cosmos is essential. From Eastern perspectives, however, the ego is a social fiction. Buddhism, by contrast, recognized no substance and saw reality not in terms of things but in endobj For example, in Taoism, through wu wei the attitude of noninterference with the nature of things one learns to live and act in harmony and go with the flow of events and situations. Western science has relied on methods for reducing processes to their most elemental level and investigating them in isolation as single variables. Individualism — favours the individual as an independent entity and encourages self-promotion and self-worth. Since Eastern psychologies are inwardly focused, they may appear to be narcissistic or nihilistic.

A brief history of Western culture

Have you ever wondered about the differences between Eastern and Western philosophies? Apart from geographical locations, these two parts of the world have differences in their way of life and the approach to life in general. These ways of living are not only brought about by topography and physical circumstances that play crucial factors in living, but also the school of thought that governs the major societies in the Eastern and Western part of the globe. Thus, if we talk about philosophy, we talk about a school of thoughts.

Anthropocentrism , philosophical viewpoint arguing that human beings are the central or most significant entities in the world. This is a basic belief embedded in many Western religions and philosophies. Anthropocentrism regards humans as separate from and superior to nature and holds that human life has intrinsic value while other entities including animals, plants, mineral resources, and so on are resources that may justifiably be exploited for the benefit of humankind. Cornucopian philosophers argue that either the projections of resource limitations and population growth are exaggerated or that technology will be developed as necessary to solve future problems of scarcity. In either case, they see no moral or practical need for legal controls to protect the natural environment or limit its exploitation.

According to Buddhist philosophy, men constitute just one class of living beings. As such, they have no right to unlimited use of natural resources. Also men have no right to unlimited exploitation of animal and plant life, which forms part of Nature. Until recently, Westerners or moderns tended to think that men were quite separate and different from the natural world.


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An encyclopedia of philosophy articles written by professional philosophers.

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The Differences Between East And West In Terms Of Culture And Education

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