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Published: 06.05.2021

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About 1. This is not only harmful to the environment; it can also lead to premature deaths for millions of people, especially women and children. By , global energy demand is projected to grow by more than 50 percent, and even faster in developing countries. All these new consumers need clean energy that will not hurt them or the environment. Climate change affects virtually all natural and economic systems. This interaction between climate change and biodiversity, land degradation, forests, chemicals and waste, and international waters points to the importance of recognizing climate change implications in everything we do.

The phenomenon of climate change is becoming a global problem. One of the most important reasons of climate change is the increase in CO2 levels due to emissions from fossil fuel energy use in daily human activities. This research will use the data of the annual average temperature and energy consumption in the past 41 years of Shanghai, the largest city in China, to establish the statistical relationship between climate change and energy consumption. It is found that there is a strong positive relationship between climate change and energy consumption in Shanghai. Furthermore, this paper will also discuss the reason of such relationship, and provide suggesstions of saving energy and protecting our environment. Request Permissions. Francesco, E.

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The Relationship between Energy Consumption and Climate Change in Shanghai

Energy consumption has an inevitable connection with economic level and climate. Based on selected data covering annual total energy consumption and its composition and that of all kinds of energy in —, the annual residential energy consumption and the coal and electricity consumption in — in China, the acreage of crops under cultivation suffered from drought and flood annually and gross domestic product GDP in — in the whole country, and mean daily temperature data from 29 provincial meteorological stations in the whole country from to , this paper divides energy consumption into socio-economic energy consumption and climatic energy consumption in the way of multinomial. It also goes further into the relations and their changes between the climate energy consumption and climate factor and between the socio-economic energy consumption and the economic level in China with the method of statistical analysis. At present, there are obvious transitions in the changing relationships of the energy consumption to economy and climate, which comprises the transition of economic system from resource-intensive industry to technology-intensive industry and the transition of climatic driving factors of the energy consumption from driven by the disasters of drought and flood to driven by temperature.

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