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In mathematics , a set is a collection of distinct elements or members. Sets are ubiquitous in modern mathematics.

It is clear that set theory is closely related to logic. So it should not be a surprise that many of the rules of logic have analogs in set theory. This fact can be verified using the rules of logic. The distributive laws for propositional logic give rise to two similar rules in set theory.

Set theory

Boolean algebra is the algebra of two-valued logic with only sentential connectives, or equivalently of algebras of sets under union and complementation. The rigorous concept is that of a certain kind of algebra, analogous to the mathematical notion of a group. This concept has roots and applications in logic Lindenbaum-Tarski algebras and model theory , set theory fields of sets , topology totally disconnected compact Hausdorff spaces , foundations of set theory Boolean-valued models , measure theory measure algebras , functional analysis algebras of projections , and ring theory Boolean rings. The study of Boolean algebras has several aspects: structure theory, model theory of Boolean algebras, decidability and undecidability questions for the class of Boolean algebras, and the indicated applications. One can easily derive many elementary laws from these axioms, keeping in mind this example for motivation. The two-element BA shows the direct connection with elementary logic. The two members, 0 and 1, correspond to falsity and truth respectively.

Set theory , branch of mathematics that deals with the properties of well-defined collections of objects, which may or may not be of a mathematical nature, such as numbers or functions. The theory is less valuable in direct application to ordinary experience than as a basis for precise and adaptable terminology for the definition of complex and sophisticated mathematical concepts. Between the years and , the German mathematician and logician Georg Cantor created a theory of abstract sets of entities and made it into a mathematical discipline. This theory grew out of his investigations of some concrete problems regarding certain types of infinite sets of real numbers. A set, wrote Cantor, is a collection of definite, distinguishable objects of perception or thought conceived as a whole. The objects are called elements or members of the set.

Set Theory and Algebra in Computer Science A Gentle Introduction to Mathematical Modeling

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The papers are listed in reverse chronological order, except that I put two surveys at the beginning to make them easier to find. PostScript or PDF. An expository talk, for a general mathematical audience, about cardinal characteristics of the continuum. Foreman, M. Magidor, and A. This survey of the theory of cardinal characteristics of the continuum is to appear as a chapter in the "Handbook of Set Theory.

Just so you know who you are really dealing with My research is in systems of set theory or combinatory logic related to Quine's set theory New Foundations, with a sideline in computer-assisted reasoning. I have a general somewhat more than amateur interest in the history and philosophy of mathematics, particularly mathematical logic. This is a version of my home page under my own control. It largely mirrors but does not exactly mirror my former university home page. It will contain some material found in my page at the university which will appear familiar; other material either outdated or inconvenient to import to the new location will not be reproduced.

The Mathematics of Boolean Algebra

Any Rough Set System induced by an Approximation Space can be given several logic-algebraic interpretations related to the intuitive reading of the notion of Rough Set. In this paper Rough Set Systems are investigated, first, within the framework of Nelson algebras and the structure of the resulting subclass is inherently described using the properties of Approximation Spaces. In particular, the logic-algebraic structure given to a Rough Set System, understood as a Nelson algebra is equipped with a weak negation and a strong negation and, since it is a finite distributive lattice, it can also be regarded as a Heyting algebra equipped with its own pseudo-complementation.

In mathematics , a set is a collection of distinct elements or members. Sets are ubiquitous in modern mathematics. The more specialized subject of set theory is part of the foundations of mathematics.

Skip to search form Skip to main content You are currently offline. Some features of the site may not work correctly. Meseguer Published Computer Science. Algebra greatly broadened the very notion of algebra in two ways. First, the traditional numerical domains such as Z, Q R, and C, were now seen as instances of more general concepts of equationally-defined algebraic structure, which did not depend on any particular representation for their elements, but only on abstract sets of elements, operations on such elements, and equational properties satisfied by such operations.

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The Mathematics of Boolean Algebra

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Rough Set Theory and Logic-Algebraic Structures

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