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The time now is AM. Contact Us - Management. User Name. Remember Me? Ask a New Question Here. Kiran Chandar Super Moderator. Fundamentals of Design and Manufacturing 2. Material Science and Engineering 3. Computing and Informatics and 4.

How are 'preferred numbers' useful in standardization? Explain with the help of a suitable example. The components in parallel have a reliability of 0. Determine the reliability of entire system. Define the terms: i Reliability jj Mean time to failure, and jji Mean time between failure. How can one tell whether cavities in castings are due to porosity or shrinkage?

How are dissolved gases removed from castings? List four casting defects. What is design for maintenance? Highlight the characteristics of each and its specific applications at least two.

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We have always been in the best for providing with the right services to the vast AMIE student community spread everywhere!. With the sincere intention to help pass all students in the very first attempt we have formulated a special sure-pss course materials. Allow us humbly bet you nowhere else you can find such a really useful AMIE material! Studies reveal that why many students fail in AMIE examination is due to that lack of right guidance and coaching materials. Compared to regular engineering students in professional colleges, AMIE students do not get access to good professors, laboratory facilities, regular attendances etc. All these factors may affect AMIE result.

Queries go through the official site of the Institution of Engineers India ieindia. To increase your confidence level of solving questions, practice these AMIE Question Papers for several numbers of times. Yes, practicing the AMIE Old Question Papers helps the appearing candidates to know the marking schema, duration, question paper structure, etc. Share on Facebook. Tech BE B. Com BCA.

Jain Brothers amie solved papers. Section A Diploma Stream has the f ollowing four subjects. Amazon links Or you can get Individual books by clicking on the following links separately. So appear these subjects after completing the above four subjects. Computer Science Solved Question Papers. Electronics Engineering Solved Question Papers. Electrical Engineering Solved Question Papers.

S' 2 FN: AN /AD (). MATERIAL SCIENCE AND ENGINEERING. Time: Three hours. Maximum Marks: Answer FIVE questions, taking ANY.

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AMIE or Associate Membership of Institution of Engineers is an alternate option where candidates, who are unable to get an engineering degree, can get one. First section is common to all members. However, under second section, he or she has to choose a particular discipline. Both the examination are held twice a year, usually in June and December and are commonly know as summer and winter examinations.

Login to Your Account. Remember Me? Register Forget Password. Popular topic for study. There are many machine members which are subjected to loads other than reversed bending loads.

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2. Materials Science and Engineering Diploma Solved Paper:(AD/AN) amie solved question papers of section a pdf amie old solved.

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