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Motley, Edward M. Zhu, Guang Books.

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This book offers the most in-depth, step-by-step coverage available of contemporary water treatment plant planning, design, and operations. Understand the key water quality constituents and their health significance; and the unit operations and water treatment processes in most widespread use. Walk step-by-step through water treatment plant planning and design, including predesign reports, problem definition, site selection, and more. Next, review key issues such as raw water intake, screening, aeration, conveyance, flow measurement, pumping, coagulation, flocculation, precipitation, sedimentation, filtration, disinfection, and fluoridation. The book includes detailed coverage of aesthetic issues such as color, taste, and odor control; techniques for residuals management; a guide to instrumentation and control; a review of nonconventional processes; and a troubleshooting guide for avoiding key design errors. MARKET: For all professionals concerned with water works engineering, including consulting engineers, professionals, equipment manufacturers, and technical personnel in city, state, and national organizations who must review designs and specifications.

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Water Works Engineering: Planning, Design And Operation. Syed R. Qasim, University of Texas, Arlington, Texas. Edward M. Motley, Arlington, Texas.

Water Works Engineering: Planning, Design And Operation

This book is intended for a design course in water works engineering. Motley, Guang Zhu, Syed R. Qasim: Buy its Paperback Edition at

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Water Works Engineering: Planning, Design And Operation

Water treatment plants: planning, design, and operations--in depth. In Water Works Engineering, a team of leading water quality professionals present the state-of-the-art in water treatment facility design-and offer thorough, end-to-end guidance for successful planning, design, and operations. Wastewater treatment plants planning, design, and operation.

The fee estimator tool Excel will help water system owners and consultants estimate the total fee charged by DOH for various fixed fee for service activities, such as review of engineering and planning documents. The estimator covers all areas of our fee regulation, WAC , and includes user instructions, examples, and a list of hourly fee for service activities. The Guidebooks' purpose is to help water system governing bodies and managers understand their role in water system planning, and work with their consultants to prepare a useful water system plan.

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