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Required reading for Traditional Cosmologies. Year 2, Semester 1, Latrobe University. Am having a hard time reading this I don't understand the subtleties and the under currents nor what it has to

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To browse Academia. Skip to main content. By using our site, you agree to our collection of information through the use of cookies. To learn more, view our Privacy Policy. Log In Sign Up. Download Free PDF. Oliver D Smith. Download PDF. A short summary of this paper. Nevertheless, Solon told the story to his family relative Dropides, who passed it orally to his son Critias the elder , who in turn told it to his grandson Critias the younger. Either this oral transmission actually took place, or Plato was the fabricator.

If the latter, the entire tradition including the island of Atlantis is likely to be fiction. This article shows there is a lack of evidence for the Atlantis story being an authentic oral tradition and highlights problems with the transmission. Supposing oral retellings of the tradition did take place, it is seemingly impossible to distinguish fact from fiction in the story since the tale of Atlantis must have been garbled as it was retold over generations; reciting a tradition by word of mouth is unreliable.

He was a kinsman and a very close friend of my great- grandfather Dropides. Solon himself says as much in his many places in his poetry. Well, Dropides told the story to my grandfather Critias, and the old 2 man would tell it to us from memory. In fact, at the time Critias [the elder] was pretty close to ninety years old already — so he said — and I was around ten or so. Solon is described as having written a manuscript containing some notes on Egyptian names translated into Greek Cri.

The two dialogues are not necessarily inconsistent on this point. The manuscript, we are told, contained a list of names which Solon had established by inquiry as to the Greek equivalents of those used in Egyptian documents.

We are not told it contained any more than a mere list of names, designed as an aide memoire by Solon for his projected epic poem on the Atlantis legend. The pre-Solonic source of the tradition therefore is oral; the Egyptians too rely on their memory, not a written record 4 Clay, Firstly, there is no reliable historical evidence Solon c. The priests assert they will reveal their written record Ti. A small number of classicists however have suggested there is a historical core in the Atlantis tale and equate the island of Atlantis with an ancient civilization, eg Minoan Crete Frost, ; Luce, It should be noted that the author of this article formerly proposed a historical site for Atlantis in Greece Smith, He no longer defends his earlier fringe hypothesis and since has argued the Atlantis story is fiction, with no underlying basis in history.

Aristotle in his Athenian Constitution A fragment from a poem attributed to Solon by Plutarch c. Secondly, the oral tradition does not appear in ancient Egyptian myth.

The fact no evidence supports the oral tradition derived from Egypt is why most scholars are inclined to take the sceptical view Plato not only fabricated the Egyptian source, but the whole Atlantis story Renfrew, Thirdly, if Solon went to Egypt and was told an oral tradition, it remains a puzzle why no other traveller heard the same story; Plato notes Solon visited the city Sais in the Nile Delta and spoke with its priests Ti.

Forsyth 77 has surveyed his earlier works to see if he recorded any authentic Greek traditions. With the possible exception of a single tale Gorgias. Concerning the story of Atlantis, Forsyth concludes: Plato is twice as likely to have invented it as to have recorded an authentic tradition; our examination has shown that… there is reason to look upon the myth of Atlantis with cautious scepticism.

This would explain why it was a genuine historical tradition, and yet not a part of current Greek mythology. Luce, However, this does not give credence to the oral tradition because passing on a story by word of mouth is not reliable; Plato asserts Critias the younger despite purporting to recollect the story had trouble relying on his memory Ti.

If the oral transmission took place, whatever Plato heard could never have been the story verbatim as it was originally told from Solon to Dropides. As the tradition was retold over several generations, it was undoubtedly modified in the same way that information is lost, added or changed during a game of Chinese whispers. It follows the Atlantis tale must have already been garbled prior to Solon because the Egyptian priests are not said to have consulted their documents, but too relied on their fallible memory to transmit the story.

Proponents of a historical island of Atlantis should only seek to provide evidence the Atlantis story is an authentic oral tradition. Despite what some say, there is no valid reason to doubt Critias the younger is the tyrant — BCE : Timaeus-Critias does not give any indication that the character of Critias must be distinct from the tyrant… Both Diogenes and Proclus… take the Critias of Timaeus-Critias to be the tyrant… If Plato intended this character to be A 3rd Century CE biographer of Plato.

Flores, 64 What does this mean for the oral transmission of the story? Simply, it could not have taken 7 place owing to difficulties with chronology. Alternatively, if the story of Atlantis is an authentic oral tradition, it is probable the tale has a core of historical truth. Which of these viewpoints is correct? One of the first classicists to write a commentary on Timaeus-Critias Benjamin Jowett , independently reached the conclusion of this article: Passing from the external to the internal evidence, we may remark that the story is far more likely to have been invented by Plato than to have been brought by Solon from Egypt.

Jowett, At the same time, the Atlantis story as an authentic oral tradition, while very unlikely, has not been discredited. However, if the island of Atlantis existed: garbled oral retellings would have made it impossible to discover. Clearly all ancient traditions suffer from this same problem to some extent, but the Atlantis story, unlike a popular myth like the Trojan War, has only one primary source ie Plato.

Convergence of evidence from separate concurrent sources supports the existence of Troy, but not Atlantis. In fact, this can be taken further — the island of Atlantis is not rooted in any Greek or Egyptian tradition at all.

Critias the tyrant was born in BCE, which dates the oral transmission from the elder to younger Critias, c. The elder Critias was born c. This means the chronology of the oral pedigree is erroneous, ie Critias the elder could not have lived over one and a half centuries. Knopf Fears, J. Related Papers. By Eberhard Zangger. Ancestral constitutions in fourth-century BCE Athenian political argument: genre and re-invention. By Carol Atack. Strijdom Images of love and politics Plato's conscious manipulation of myths.

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Platonos Timaios.

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The Atlantis Story: An Authentic Oral Tradition?

Timaeus and Critias is a Socratic dialogue in two parts. Timaeus introduces the idea of a creator God and speculates on the structure and composition of the physical world. As the father of Western philosophy, who transformed Greek thought with his questioning insights into life and ethics, Socrates bc was a powerful inspiration - and major irritant - to the Athenians of his day.

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One of the greatest works of philosophy, political theory, and literature ever produced, Plato's Republic has shaped Western thought for thousands of years, and remains as relevant today as when it was written during the fourth century B. Plato's Republic is widely acknowledged as the cornerstone of Western philosophy. Presented in the form of a dialogue between Socrates and three different interlocutors, it is an enquiry into the notion of a perfect community and the ideal individual within it.

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