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Muslims, blacks, gays, people with disabilities, and immigrants of every ethnicity and color: these and many other groups have stood in the spotlight glare of intolerance, easy targets for every sort of discrimination and violence.

American ancestry refers to people in the United States who self-identify their ancestral origin or descent as "American", rather than the more common officially recognized racial and ethnic groups that make up the bulk of the American people. Census Bureau American Community Survey ancestry self-reporting estimates. Census data indicates "American ancestry" is commonly self-reported in the Deep South and Upland South , [11] [12] the vast majority of Americans and expatriates do not equate their nationality with ancestry, race or ethnicity, but with citizenship and allegiance.

Toward Assimilation and Citizenship: Immigrants in Liberal Nation-States

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English Americans , or Anglo-Americans , are Americans whose ancestry originates wholly or partly in England. In the American Community Survey , Demographers regard the reported number of English Americans as a serious undercount, as the index of inconsistency is high and many if not most Americans from English stock have a tendency to identify simply as " Americans " [7] [8] [9] [10] or if of mixed European ancestry, identify with a more recent and differentiated ethnic group. At In , an opinion poll showed respondents a card listing a number of ethnic groups and asked, "Thinking both of what they have contributed to this country and have gotten from this country, for each one tell me whether you think, on balance, they've been a good or a bad thing for this country. Ben J.


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Immigrants in American History: Arrival, Adaptation, and Integration, 1st Edition

This encyclopedia is a unique collection of entries covering the arrival, adaptation, and integration of immigrants into American culture from the s to Few topics inspire such debate among American citizens as the issue of immigration in the United States. Yet, it is the steady influx of foreigners into America over years that has shaped the social character of the United States, and has favorably positioned this country for globalization.

Essential topics, readings, and multimedia that provide historical context to current debates over immigration reform, integration, and citizenship. Created by immigration historians affiliated with the. The presidential election brought a great deal of attention to immigration and immigrants in American society.

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    Forum. Race, Religion, and Nationality in. American Society: A Model of Ethnicity?From Contact to Assimilation. ELLIOTT R. BARKAN. I BEGAN MY STUDY of.

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