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India, one of the most diverse nations in the world, is divided into 28 states and 8 union territories for administrative purposes. The tradition, culture, art, language, and food vary from state to state and are unique to each region. India, located in South Asia is the second-most populous country in the world with over crores of people. It is one of the largely diverse countries across the globe that is divided into different states and union territories for governmental purposes. A parliamentary form of government governs the country and is formally recognized as the Republic of India.

States and Capitals of India 2020: 28 States and 8 UTs in India

India is a vast and diverse country with many different cultures and many languages. With culture comes dance. The whole general Indian culture is to dance and that is why every state has its unique dance form. Gotipua is the traditional dance of Odisha. The Dancers are young boys from the age group of 6 — 14 who dress up as girls for the dance. Raut Nacha is the traditional dance of the state and is usually done by a specific caste known as the Yadavs. Nati is the most famous folk dance of the state is also recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records as the largest folk dance.

List of States and their Dance Form

General Knowledge is a part of daily chores which is obtained from different sources such as- Books, Newspapers and the Internet, etc. Something beyond current skills has to be present in the candidates of which GK is the crucial part. GK is asked in every competitive paper. The ability of the candidate in General knowledge is a need of the hour. Below is a list of Indian states along with their capitals and languages. These are the part of General Knowledge. Indian states and capitals along with languages will let you gain the knowledge.

Capital, Dance & Language Of States & Union Territories Of India · S. No. · UNION TERRITORY · CAPITAL · LANGUAGES.

Different Dance forms of India with States PDF

One of the most talked-about topics in General awareness is States and Capitals. It is essential that you are aware of and memorizes the States and Capitals of India for your exam preparation or otherwise. At present, Indian has 28 States and 8 union territories UT's. States are governed by their elected Government and Chief Minister as their elected head. The Central Government administers Union Territories for various reasons like administrative feasibility, security, and much more.

Now Subscribe for Free videos Subscribe Now. Home Govt. If you are preparing for Government Exams, then you must be aware of the fact that G. So, Today we are here with an important topic of Static General Knowledge:. Assamese, Bengali, Bodo.

Map of India, South Asia

The dance forms of Andhra Pradesh reflect the cultural heritage of the state. They differ in costumes, types and the musical instruments used. Kuchipudi: Kuchipudi is one of the most famous traditional dance forms of Andhra Pradesh.

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Explore the languages and dance of all states of India..

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