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A short history of Indian economy 1947-2019: Tryst with destiny & other stories

Figures, tables. ISBN The co-authored text will be extremely relevant for academics, students, policy makers and development practitioners working in India and beyond, as well as those curious to understand more about the extent and nature of economic, political and social transformations taking place in post-liberal India. Stuart Corbridge, John Harriss and Craig Jeffrey have well-established research commitments in India and bring their intimate knowledge to bear on a series of timely questions which represent the titles of stand alone, yet intersecting chapters: When and why did India take off? How have the poor fared and others too? How did a weak state promote audacious reforms?

But beyond the current crisis, civil society is an essential building block of development and national cohesion. In a country blessed with peace and stability, civil society fills the space untouched by government and the private sector. In a fragile and conflict-ridden country, it plays an even more important role of providing services normally the responsibility of the state and business and can lay the foundation for reconciliation. Civil society comprises organizations that are not associated with government—including schools and universities, advocacy groups, professional associations, churches, and cultural institutions business sometimes is covered by the term civil society and sometimes not. Civil society organizations play multiple roles.

Six articles published Skip to main content. Budget — A Budget amidst a Deepening Crisis. Budget —22 has been presented in the context of a sharp slowdown in an economy battered by a severe contraction due to the lockdown. The pandemic has only contributed to the worsening of the humanitarian crisis, as is evident from data on hunger Special Articles.

Caste system in India

India has a year history of democracy, tolerance and rule of law, and a successful record of managing its patchwork of cultures and religions. In recent months, however, following the second consecutive victory of Prime Minister Narendra Modi's Bharatiya Janata Party in the May general elections, this situation has been changing under the impact of an ever-increasing Hindu nationalist grip on society and politics. After Jammu and Kashmir, India's only Muslim-majority state, lost its autonomy, the government adopted the Citizenship Amendment Act CAA , allowing foreigners from six religious communities living in three neighbouring countries to apply for Indian citizenship at a faster pace. This new legislation has prompted protests and divisions across India, as, according to both internal and external observers, citizenship would be determined along religious criteria, which risks undermining the country's traditional secularism. The government's plan to launch a national register of citizens has further increased the Muslim community's fear of discrimination. Communal tensions flared into violence in late February in Delhi, claiming 53 lives. At the same time, India's economy is experiencing a severe downturn: even before the coronavirus outbreak started to have an effect, its growth was slackening and so was job creation, while at the same time unemployment is high, consumer confidence and spending are low, and trust in the banking sector is eroding as credit weakness and non-performing loans hinder its performance.

Caste system in India

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Reflecting on what shaped economic policy and the transition to millennial India, Mint brings you a curated history of the economy since 15 August Independence brought dreams of not just individual, but also economic, social and political freedom. In a snippety, easy-to-read format, we examine the influences of each era—socialism, post-socialism, liberalization and after.

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India Today: Economy, Politics and Society

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