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The topic of Internet jurisdiction is gaining a considerable amount of attention at the moment. Yet, we are seemingly still a long way from solutions. Drawing upon a framework consisting of three jurisdictional core principles, the article seeks to examine whether three recent key developments in EU law contribute to hyper-regulation. The article also provides an analysis of recent trends and draws some conclusions as to how we may best move forward in this field. When we engage in activities online, we are bound by law.

Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Issues in Multistate Defamation on the Internet

The rapid development of IT technologies in the last few decades has also created increasing number of cross-border disputes. This trend is affected by the fact, that there are no border lines that we can find in the real world. Different law systems have to deal with the existence of this new, on state borders independent entity. In the perspective of law, internet is interesting because of its inability as a virtual space, to fit in the doctrine of legal state, by which the state exercises its authority and enforces its law on its territory. This traditional bond between the state, its territory and its law system is impaired, sometimes it is referred to as virtualization or delocalization of legal relationships.

This chapter seeks to set the scene and make some proposals for how we may make progress in the field of internet jurisdiction. For this purpose, the chapter will focus on three examples where the matter of internet jurisdiction is a major concern for internet intermediaries. The first relates to the validity of the terms of service that internet intermediaries typically impose on their users, and which typically contain important provisions regarding jurisdiction and applicable law. The second example relates to situations in which law enforcement agencies seek access to user data held by internet intermediaries. Such situations give rise to important matters of jurisdiction, not only where the requesting law enforcement agency and the internet intermediary are based in different countries, but may also—as was illustrated in the well-known Microsoft Warrant case—give rise to such issues where the requested data is stored outside the country in which both the law enforcement agency and the internet intermediary are based. The third example relates to the matter of geographical scope where an internet intermediary is required to remove, block, take down, delist, de-index, or de-reference content.

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Territoriality of Copyright Law

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Digital Peripheries pp Cite as. Jurisdiction from Latin iuris dicere is the general authority of a sovereign to implement legal rules that normatively affect the behavior of individuals. The scope of jurisdiction of a particular sovereign is traditionally delimited in law on a territorial basis.

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Subscribe to Galexia news and announcements. Strategic Privacy Consulting: Galexia has expertise and experience in privacy compliance throughout the Asia Pacific region. The issue of internet jurisdiction is relevant to a range of online disputes arising from online transactions, including sales contracts, copyright infringement and defamation for material published on the Internet. The borderless and ubiquitous nature of the internet challenges traditional notions and measures to resolve issues of jurisdiction, particularly which court in which country should hear a dispute. However, commercial laws depend on notions of territoriality. In a multinational setting, which is so often the backdrop to e-commerce disputes, the issue of jurisdiction is both highly complicated and contentious. This article examines three recent cases to determine whether there are any emerging trends or principles regarding when jurisdiction can be exercised in a cross-border online dispute.

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