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K values: waxed e. For longer fasteners, the torque is reduced significantly.

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Metric Recommended Bolt Torque

Always refer to vehicle manufactures recommended Torque setting for the specific application. B8 Cl. Metric Torque Values Chart. Bolt Torque Chart. Posted on January 09,

US Recommended Bolt Torque

The below estimated torque calculations are only offered as a guide. Use of its content by anyone is the sole responsibility of that person and they assume all risk. Due to many variables that affect the torque-tension relationship like human error, surface texture, and lubrication the only way to determine the correct torque is through experimentation under actual joint and assembly conditions. The bolt is stressed up to the proofload value, and if there is no deformation, elongation, or fracture, then the bolt is deemed to have passed. This is done to allow a safety buffer so that the bolt does not get too close to the proofload value. If you exceed the proofload value when tensioning the bolt, you run the risk of bolt failure. Clampload is only a estimated number, there maybe situations where the engineer calls for the bolts to be tensioned to a different value.


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The torque tables are built on specific assumptions regarding bolt and nut factor. Before using a given torque table, these assumptions should be verified to insure they are appropriate for the specific application. Even if all assumptions are appropriate, results may vary depending on actual conditions.

With over 25 years of experience our bolt tightening products are used throughout the industralised world on many diverse applications and in varied working environments. Western Wood Products Association. If an air wrench is used make sure the pressure is set to the minimum.

Related Resources: material science. The following torque values are suggested maximums based upon actual lab testing on clean and dry or near dry fasteners. For other friction conditions, significant modifications may be required. Membership Register Login.

These fasteners literally hold the world around us together. From the rigors of the industry to the rumble of cars, trains, and planes, to the furniture that adorns our homes and offices, bolts play an integral role in assembling the materials that structure our lives. Too often bolt selection is made in haste.

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ASTM A193 Grade B7 Torque Chart

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Bolt Torque Chart
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