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While both are considered to be part of the social sciences, sociology and social psychology are more different than they are alike. Despite the similar sounding names, each discipline looks at the world from a different viewpoint, and ultimately with a different purpose.

Understanding Behavior in Society: The Difference Between Sociology and Social Psychology

Many students considering a major in the social sciences question what the main differences are between psychology and sociology because they seem so similar. In some ways, these two fields go hand in hand for uncovering the scientific truth about humans. Both have the overall objective of helping people better understand the complex dynamics of mental processes, emotions, behaviors, and social relationships. However, there are several unique nuances to each of these human-focused fields that should be noted. Psychology usually focuses on studying one person at a time to craft general principles that can be applied towards understanding mental health trends, human behaviors, or societal problems. Psychologists are concerned with conducting research on specific cognitive processes, such as stress, grief, anger, depression, intelligence, and love. Psychologists seek to discover the reasoning behind emotional reactions in order to piece together sections of larger psychological puzzles for boosting individual well-being.

Difference Between Psychology and Sociology

The two common factors influencing identity are psychological factors and social factors. Sociology and Psychology determine the existence of humanity. Psychology and sociology may be different fields, wherein psychology focuses on studying humans as individuals, while sociology examines humans as collective members of their culture and society. While the two fields focus on different notions of understanding human behaviour, there are overlaps within the two fields in areas such as social psychology which looks at behaviour individual in culture and society. To develop a further understanding and distinction between the two areas of study, it is crucial to create a basic knowledge of the fields by looking at objectives and core elements. The following article aims to develop an understanding of a basic overview of the two areas Psychology and Sociology and examine similarities and differences, which helps understand the coexistence and codependence of the two fields in the field of social sciences.

Where psychology focuses on an individual, i. Sociology aims at analysing the behaviour pattern of a group of people. It also studies the reasons that make them follow a particular religion, belief, culture, custom, etc. Take a read of the article below, to understand the difference between psychology and sociology. Basis for Comparison Psychology Sociology Meaning Psychology is the systematic study of human mind and behavior using various techniques.

At first there was just sociology and psychology. But then one area of psychology took an interest in social processes and group processes, which is where social psychology came from. Likewise, sociology also took an interest in the individual processes that psychology focuses on. Interactions between people and their environment became a point of interest for sociologists. This meant they moved away from macro-sociological big picture focuses. Both of them have put effort into more specific, particular things.

Psychology and Sociology: Similarities and Differences

Charles A. THE effort of the social sciences, no less than of other sciences, is to understand the mechanism or technique of the phenomena with which they deal, which is, in their case, the processes of the social life. They endeavor, like all science, to explain phenomena by describing fully all conditions essential to their occurrence.

Humans move through life navigating societal norms, cultural influences, and other variables that impact both individual behavior and society at large. Sociologists and social psychologists are two types of professionals who investigate our lives, behaviors, and thoughts, as well as how these elements play out in social groups. In each profession, experts use their findings to understand group behavior and develop solutions to the complex challenges facing individuals, communities, and organizations. By observing, describing, and measuring social behaviors and situations, sociologists and social psychologists gain an understanding of human behavior and broad trends.

Peggy A. In the area of social psychology, sociologists have drawn more frequently from psychologists than the reverse. This is in part because sociologists more often assess the degree to which status characteristics, social relationships, and structural contexts influence individuals' thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, while psychologists more often explicate the mechanisms through which such social factors affect individuals. I illustrate these differences by discussing points of parallel theoretical development between the two disciplines, substantive divisions of labor, and selected topics of mutual inquiry. Although sociologists benefit substantially from psychologists' work, sociologists could offer their counterparts more pointed demonstrations that sociological mechanisms are crucial for explaining key psychological phenomena and that structural contexts constrain individuals' behaviors in ways often overlooked by psychologists.

A Mead Project source page

The closest relationship between psychology and anthropology is seen between the main branches, social psychology and cultural anthropology. Psychology provides the real fact regarding the matter of social structure, culture and social organizations to which an individual belong to develop the personality. Explaining their relationship, Hoebel writes The anthropologist concentrates chiefly on … Topics of interest include, but are not limited to, self concept, social cognition, social value, attitudes, persuasion, social interaction, interpersonal relationship and indigenous psychology to name a few.

What is the Difference Between Psychology and Sociology?

Degree Programs. Posted December 17, by Saint Leo University. Are you fascinated by the human mind? Do you wonder why some people will wait in line for hours — even days — to get the latest smart phone? Psychologists and sociologists both study people, but while psychologists delve into the mind of an individual or small group to understand human behavior and social and emotional reactions, sociologists look beyond individuals to examine society through specific associations — such as the family, race or religion — to understand current issues. Your coursework will likely include physiological psychology, interviewing and counseling, individual differences and social processes, and the psychology of learning.

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