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Therefore it is necessary to know the nature and scope of all these three words and also how they are different from each other. It is imperative to know the scope of all these to exercise the power of reviewability against the impugned order of the respective Court. Reference A.


The distinction between an appeal and a revision is a real one. An appeal is whereby an individual petition for the case to be heard in a new court. In most cases, the case is heard on a higher court from the previous one. In simpler terms, an unsuccessful party in a case decides to take the case to a higher court to seek for reversal of a decision made by a lower court. The party that files an appeal believes that there were errors made either on the laws or facts raised. Revision is the re-examination of legal actions.

According to the Code of Civil Procedure, , once a party is aggrieved by the decree elapsed the court, he will approach the judicature, against the decree elapsed the court. Generally, below attractiveness, the full dispute is re-heard by the judicature. So, the review of judgment is to look at or study the facts and judgment of the case once more. Review of judgment is that the substantive power of the court mentioned in Section of CPC. Order 47 contains 9 rules that impose some conditions for the review. In the case of Usha Ranee Banik v. Revision is the power of the High Court to revise the cases decided by the courts subordinate to it.

This article is written by Aarchie Chaturvedi , a 1st-year student currently pursuing B. This is an exhaustive article about review, appeal, and revision containing a brief analysis of each of them and comparison among them. It is human nature to make mistakes. Judges are also humans. A judge can make an error in the course of his duties as well. There is yet to be born a man who has not made a mistake.

Review, Appeal & Revision: All you need to know about it

Appeal and Revision are the two different legal terms that fall under the jurisdiction exercised by the courts. These are the powers the court practice to look onto a case which is already concluded, for the convenience of the petitioner. The difference between an appeal and revision is that an appeal is a complaint of a case that is given attention to again due to the displeasure of a certain party, whereas revision is performed by a High Court to guarantee that legal actions were obeyed in concluding. An appeal is a complaint that is made into the superior court against the judgment of a lower court whereas revision is an act of re-examination to eliminate any flaws or non-exercise of jurisdiction by a lower court. An appeal is a Civil Procedure Code complaint that is made to check the solidity of a decision of the lower court by a superior court. An appeal can be filed against an original statute or proclamation passed in appeal.

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Reference, Revision And Review

Question: What is the difference between legal terms Appeal and Revision? The distinction between an appeal and a revision is a real one. It can be defined as the judicial examination by a higher Court of a decision of an inferior Court.

Difference Between Review, Revision and Appeal in Civil Cases

Appeal and revision are legal terms used in court. Though they seem similar they have certain differences; they represent two different types of applications that an individual can opt for after unsuccessful court hearing.

Difference between Review and Revision

An appeal, Reference, and Revision are under the inherent rights bestowed on every citizen of the country. This is the right to be heard. Article 21 of the Indian Constitution provides that every person is entitled to the right to personal liberty as prescribed under the law.

Review is a provision under Section , which states: Subject as aforesaid, any person considering himself aggrieved- by a decree or order from which an appeal is allowed by this Code, but from which no appeal has been preferred, by a decree or order from which no appeal is allowed by this Court, or by a decision on a reference from a Court of Small Causes, may apply for a review of judgment to the Court which passed the decree or made the order, and the Court may make such order thereon as it thinks fit. Dictionary meaning of the word review is an act of carefully looking at or examining the quality or condition of something or someone: examination or inspection. A reconsideration; second view or examination; revision; consideration for purposes of correction.

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make an effort makes all the difference. appeal are all steps in a series of proceedings, all connected DISTINCTION BETWEEN APPEAL AND REVISION​.

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What is the difference between legal terms Appeal and Revision?

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