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Fueled by a recent resurgence in public financing and compelling clinical data for indications as diverse as acute macular degeneration and pancreatic cancer, a growing number of cell therapies are driving toward pivotal clinical studies and commercialization. Although regulatory precedents have been set for various autologous and allogeneic products in the United States, Asia, and the European Union, regulatory guidance continues to evolve for a widening array of cell products.

Cell-based therapy CBT is attracting much attention to treat incurable diseases. In recent years, several clinical trials have been conducted using human pluripotent stem cells hPSCs , and other potential therapeutic cells. Clinical-grade cell manufacturing requiring current good manufacturing practices cGMP has therefore become an important issue to make safe and effective CBT products. Current cell production practices are adopted from conventional antibody or protein production in the pharmaceutical industry, wherein cells are used as a vector to produce the desired products. In addition, the manufacturing of cellular products involves multi-stage processing, including cell isolation, genetic modification, PSC derivation, expansion, differentiation, purification, characterization, cryopreservation, etc.

Cell Therapy Manufacturing

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Cell and gene technologies are seen as the new frontier in medicine. In , the level of venture capital VC financings already exceeded that of 2. The influx of capital into the field of cell and gene therapy is testament to their potential to transform the way patients are treated, providing potentially curative or life changing patient outcomes. Currently there are more than 1, regenerative medicine clinical trials 2 , with five landmark commercial approvals in the past two years. We are at an inflection point with an increasing number of products moving to late-stage and commercialization. The manufacture of such medicines brings new challenges.

DOI : To be able to produce advanced therapy medicinal products, compliance with regulatory standards while maintaining flexibility is mandatory. For this purpose, careful planning is vital in the design or upgrade of a facility. Similarly, extensive foresight is elemental to anticipate upcoming needs and requirements. Failing this may lead to the facilitys inability to meet the demands.

Cell-Based Therapy Manufacturing in Stirred Suspension Bioreactor: Thoughts for cGMP Compliance

For this endeavor to succeedit was important to develop close communication between the centers, not only inrelation to providing products, but also to achieve the additional goal of educationaloutreach to the community as a whole. These interactions resulted in collaborativestudies, training courses, and webinars, and stimulated the development of this book. Through ongoing discussions, within and beyond PACT, it became clear that therewere many common issues, questions, and concerns relating to operating an aca-demic GMP facility. These ranged from what was the best design, how should theybe cleaned and monitored, and what are the relevant regulations, to how do you trainstaff, order materials, and release products? While there is tremendous diversity intypes of products, and where and how they are manufactured, we felt that it wouldbe useful to catalog our experience within the PACT centers and to draw upon theexpertise of colleagues to put together this book. Our hope is that it will be usefulat many levelsboth for those starting out and for those who are changing the waythey currently operate.

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Advanced therapies constitute one of the most complex, organizational, and regulatory areas currently approached by clinical researchers in order to explore new therapeutic applications. Basic scientists and clinicians trying to implement cell therapies into clinical practice, may feel overwhelmed by the apparently endless regulatory requirements that apply. However, regulatory agencies have primary responsibility on patient safety and law enforcement are, and should be, their main considerations. Cell- and tissue-based therapies have the potential to treat many conditions, where present conventional treatments are inadequate. The current approach to cell- and tissue-based therapy development requires using good manufacturing production facilities through master and working cell banks.

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cell therapy: cgmp facilities and manufacturing

It seems that you're in Germany. We have a dedicated site for Germany. Cell Therapy: cGMP Facilities and Manufacturing is the source for a complete discussion of facility design and operation with practical approaches to a variety of day-to-day activities, such as staff training and competency, cleaning procedures, and environmental monitoring. This in-depth book also includes detailed reviews of quality, the framework of regulations, and professional standards. Facility master file This volume contains a collection of chapters authored by individuals who are active in the field of cell therapy product manufacturing.

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Request PDF | Cell Therapy: cGMP Facilities and Manufacturing | Advanced therapies constitute one of the most complex, organizational, and.

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