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Desktop Support frequently Asked Questions by expert members with experience in Desktop related jobs.

Practice for certification success with the Skillset library of over , practice test questions. We analyze your responses and can determine when you are ready to sit for the test. Are you looking for a job as a Desktop Support Engineer?

If you are planning to take a job as a desktop support engineer, then this article would be a perfect guide for you to prepare for the interview. You must be completely aware of your roles and responsibilities. This article includes a set of questions that you must be prepared for before attending the desktop support engineer interview. Given below is a list of the most frequently asked Desktop Support Engineer Interview Questions with answers and examples.

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Practice for certification success with the Skillset library of over , practice test questions. We analyze your responses and can determine when you are ready to sit for the test. Are you looking for a job as a Desktop Support Engineer? Or are you thinking about leaving your current position for a new job as a Desktop Support Engineer with a new company in a Microsoft multi-user computing environment?

If you answered yes to either of those questions, then this article is for you! Any of the described technologies and questions below may be asked of you during an interview.

A Desktop Support Engineer is responsible for managing a multi-user computing environment within a local area network LAN. Before facing any interview for a Desktop Support position, make sure that you have enough knowledge on these technologies:.

All of the questions below are very common and must be prepared for before facing any interview for a Desktop Support or Windows Administration Engineer position.

Be sure to do a little reading on the systems you are familiar with, so you can showcase your skills. The DNS address is configured on workstations.

Windows redirects all domain names to resolve into IP addresses. A: A default gateway is a routing device used to forward all traffic that is not addressed to a destination within the local network or local subnet.

Dial-up internet connections do not require a default gateway though because it is present in the ISP itself. A: Often, we have to start Windows in Safe Mode in order to remove spyware or for troubleshooting driver problems and other diagnostic purposes. Only specific programs and files with limited driver support are needed to run the operating system. This will allow you to attempt to remove viruses, change bad drivers and perform other diagnostic tasks that cannot be done in Normal Mode.

A: Method 1: Reboot the computer. Start pressing the F8 key as soon as your system starts to boot. This will open multiple boot options including Safe Mode. Click Apply and your computer will boot into Safe Mode the next time it restarts.

A: Boot. The boot. Select the tab labelled BOOT. Click the button labelled Check All Boot Paths. A dialog box will open detailing the location of any invalid operating system locations. A: Go to Run then type diskmgmt. After that, right click on hard disk to convert a basic disk to dynamic disk. A: A Blue Screen error is mainly due to hardware or software incompatibility within the system. Try the following options. Q: What are some common sources of computer viruses and how can you prevent being infected?

You can use trusted anti-virus software and update it regularly. Make sure it checks every file on the computer. Backup your system periodically in case a major infection occurs, and be aware of all software and programs that run on your computer. Never click a suspicious link or download a suspicious file. Q: Describe some commonly used LAN cables. What is the maximum length of LAN cable for proper communication?

Q: Windows cannot currently check for updates; what could be the possible reasons? A: It is normally found in a bit OS, for example 64bit Win7. This folder is very similar to the system32 folder of the bit OS. It helps in loading the operating system. The questions above are very tricky and important from the standpoint of clearing any interview for a Desktop Engineer Microsoft position.

It is not possible for anyone to list every possible question, but you can get more frequently asked interview questions for Desktop Support Microsoft Jobs from the download link posted here.

If you find any difficulty in answering any questions, ask me below the Comments section. This article is the output of my extensive research and work experience. With this article I hope to help candidates in preparing for an interview for a Desktop Support Engineer position in a Microsoft multi-user computing environment. I only have few files that I can save on an flash drive.

What do you think? I am using windows 8. Please tell me on my mail id. First of all thank you so much for providing such kind of detailed article for interviews which is very use full for job seekers. Is there any way to utilize that 1GB?

Hi I have one crashed pc before now I repaired that pc now I am going add that pc into the domain but both computer name and system asset code is same while adding this computer name I am getting error saying that existing computer name is incorrect. InfoSec institute respects your privacy and will never use your personal information for anything other than to notify you of your requested course pricing.

We will never sell your information to third parties. You will not be spammed. Share Tweet. Click Here! Skillset What's this? Click here to download more sample questions in. Author Nitin Vashisht. He always keen to learn new technologies and day to day he tries to make Technology easier so everyone can understand it easily. Nitin Vashisht. Be sure any about any Virus impact. Installing new OS is not a solution.

Thanks for your query, Nitin Vashisht. Dev Gopal. Nitin Vahisht. Thanks Rasul for taking initiative to help Mr. Mohamed Bilal. Please assist and once again thank you so much for the article. WIth Regards, Mohamed Bilal. I'm not interested in training To get certified - company mandated To get certified - my own reasons To improve my skillset - get a promotion To improve my skillset- for a new job Other.

I have no current timeline for training Within a month months months months Over 1 year.

Desktop Support Interview Questions & Answers

Finding another job can be so cumbersome that it can turn into a job itself. If you are expertise in Adobe Systems and graphics making then prepare well for the job interviews to get your dream job. Here's our recommendation on the important things to need to prepare for the job interview to achieve your career goals in an easy way. Desktop Support role is to provide help to the customers when any incident or service requests are created either calling them or by updating the incident with a solution. Question 1. What Is Active Directory?

Top 38 Desktop Support Interview Questions And Answers [2021]

What are the types of Operating System? Enhancements in Windows from Windows 5. Enhancements in Windows from Windows NT 6. What is Active Directory?

Active directory authorizes and authenticates all users and computers in a window domain network, ensuring the security of the computer and software. Through active directory various functions can be managed like creating admin users, connecting to printers or external hard drives. DHCP stands for dynamic host configuration protocol.

When you apply for a desktop-level job, besides asking general questions about yourself, the interviewer will also ask you questions that test your technical proficiency. Desktop Support Engineers are required to have deep understanding of basic as well as intermediate level concepts. They can ask you questions on Desktop or Server level issues.

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