Our joint research team is made up of molecular biologists and electrophysiologists combining their brain power in order to demystify the development of the fetal brain.

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Alumni (Postdoctoral Fellows)

Seiji Ishii, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (2017) Chiba University, Japan
Seiji Ishii, Ph.D. Assistant Professor (2017) Chiba University, Japan Developmental Biology, Graduate School of Medicine

Alumni Graduate Students

Kaitlin Garofano (rotation- Spring 2017)

Akihisa Igawa (visiting student – Summer/Fall 2017)

Email contacts:

Kazue Hashimoto-Torii, Ph.D. / KHTorii@childrensnational.org

Masaaki Torii, Ph.D. / MTorii@childrensnational.org

Seiji Ishii, Ph.D. / seiji@2007.jukuin.keio.ac.jp

Alexander I. Son, Ph.D. / ASon@childrensnational.org

Mohammad Shahid, Ph.D. / MShahid@childrensnational.org

Aminah Sheikh, Ph.D. / asheikh2@childrensnational.org

Toru Sasaki, M.D, Ph.D. / tsasaki@childrensnational.org

Heather Carryl, Ph.D. / hcarryl2@childrensnational.org

Stephen J. Page, Ph.D. / spage@childrensnational.org

Lataisia C. Jones, Ph.D. / lcjones@childrensnational.org

Junko Sasaki, M.D., Ph.D. / jsasaki@childrensnational.org

Ray Yueh Ku, Ph.D. / rku@childrensnational.org